Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Task Force

Task Force's 2020 Report

President Havidán Rodríguez convened the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence in May 2020. The Task Force was charged with:

  • Examining UAlbany’s organizational structures, programs, and services in support of diversity and inclusive excellence, and the resources currently supporting these efforts.

  • Developing a summary of current and planned activities programming over the next two years, and resource investments, in support of diversity and inclusion.

  • Creating a comprehensive inventory that includes, but is not limited to, grant programs, faculty cultural training competencies, intercultural student group training, micro-aggression, and implicit bias programming.

  • Recommending by December 31, 2020, suggestions to modify University-wide organizational structure around the University’s approach to diversity and inclusion. 

  • Focusing these examinations on the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Intercultural Student Engagement, Human Resources, and the Office of Equity & Compliance, along with other relevant units as identified by the Task Force.

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Members of the Task Force

Clarence McNeil, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs

Christine Wagner, Professor of Psychology

Alfredo Medina, Executive Director of the Office of Public Engagement

Damilola Adesanya, President of the Student Association

Staff Support: JD Hyde, Deputy Chief of Staff for the President's Office


David Dai, Professor of Educational Psychology and Statistics

DeeDee Bennett, Assistant Professor of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity

Ramon Gil-Garcia, Research Director of the Center for Technology in Government

Tomoko Udo, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Behavior

Glyne Griffith, Professor of English 

Rabi Musah, Professor of Chemistry 

Donald Keenan, Copy Cataloger for the University Libraries

Verónica Pérez Rodríguez, Associate Professor of Anthropology (Senate Nominee)


Sarah Nolan, Director of Training for Counseling & Psychological Services

Brian Stephenson, Associate Director of the Office of Community Standards

Steve Galime, Chief of Staff for the Provost's Office

Joyce DeWitt-Parker, Clinical Director of Counseling for Counseling & Psychological Services

Maritza Martinez, Director of the Educational Opportunities Program

Cara White, Associate Athletic Director

Amelia Barbadoro, Director of the Office of Equity & Compliance

Samuel Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President, Office of Diversity & Inclusion (Ex Officio)

Ekow King, Director of Intercultural Student Engagement

Paul Burlingame, Chief of the University Police Department


Amy Zhang, Chief of Staff for the Student Association

Nicholas Chin, Chair of the Student Senate

Elizabeth Ann Kelly, Equity & Inclusion Chair for the Graduate Student Association

Julia Lembach, Undergraduate Student

Kayan Matoo, Undergraduate Student

Tocory Oughterson, Graduate Student

Ramon Garcia, Graduate Student