What does the average student have to do to succeed in college?

The average student has to develop many skills to be successful in college. Here is a partial listing:

Life style issues:

  • Get up on time
  • Clean your own room
  • Learn how to live with a roommate
  • Do your own laundry (How do you sort it? How much soap to use? Hot or Cold or Warm?
  • Use your meal plan and show up in time to get something to eat
  • Using time wisely so you get your studies done and still have fun
  • Keeping healthy by eating well, exercising and sleeping
  • Remember to sign up for residential housing before a dead line during spring term for the fall
  • Pay fines
  • Stand in lines for meals
  • Stand in lines for books
  • Stand in lines for paying fees
  • Follow the rules of the hall ( no "hall sports," quiet hours, getting along with a roommate from a different cultural background
  • No parents to remind you or to call and get your homework for you.

Academic issues

  • Go to class - -
  • Not "skipping" class
  • Buying text book
  • Reading text books
  • Paying attention during lecture
  • Taking notes during lecture
  • Reviewing notes from lecture
  • Doing homework
  • Doing suggestion problems that are not being graded
  • Do work that is not specifically assigned, such as reading material before discussed in class
  • Seeking appropriate help resources such as tutoring, study skill workshops, etc.
  • Developing support networks with friends, such as study groups, people to share class notes with, proof each other's papers
  • Find and use the writing center on campus
  • Find and use the campus tutoring service
  • Go to offered study skills workshops
  • Get information off the "web” that professors have posted
  • Pay attention to deadlines- - sometimes due dates for MAJOR papers are handed out the first day of class and not mentioned again until the professor is ready to collect them from you.
  • Register for classes for the next semester, sometimes before midterms have happened
  • Take large group exams - - Understand that your grades may be based on only 2 or 3 grades in the entire semester
  • Understand that you are responsible for learning 40 weeks of material in 15 weeks, mostly outside of class on your own.

Social issues

  • Meeting new friends
  • Join clubs and organizations whether for social fun or social activism
  • Attend plays, presentations by guest artists, hear concerts,
  • Act like an adult, because that is how you are expected to behave
  • Making decisions about alcohol and/or legal/illegal drug use
  • Deciding to "party" or to study
  • Balancing work and play

Disability issues:

  • Finding the Disabilities Services Office
  • Registering with the office
  • Supplying the requested documentation of your disability
  • Discussing appropriate accommodations.
  • Learning which accommodations are "free" and which you will have to pay to receive.
  • Learning to advocate for your self, including informing professors about your needs for appropriate accommodations, in the manner that the DSS office suggests.