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PROPHE aims to be as inclusive as possible geographically. It gathers and welcomes data, laws, and other documents from all countries. It likewise will encourage serious research wherever it can, whether for in-depth analysis of national cases or  comparisons across countries, including the striking yet atypical U.S. case.
PROPHE depends heavily on its  network of members. Collaborating with PROPHE's director, these scholars operate as a group, with overlapping yet autonomous agendas, frameworks, and methods. PROPHE also has a mission in building a global base of young scholars.

Director: Dr. Daniel Levy 

Mailing Address:   ED 321
University at Albany, SUNY 
Albany, NY 12222
Tel: (5l8) 442-5177
Fax: (5l8) 442-5084
Email:  [email protected]

Daniel C. Levy is Distinguished Professor, SUNY, with his main appointment at SUNY-Albany in Educational Administration & Policy Studies.  Levy’s abiding research interest is how educational institutions fit into the wider realms of civil society and the state. Since 2000 he has devoted his attention mostly to global private-public interfaces in higher education, thus returning to subject matter he had previously treated mostly in regard to Latin America. Levy has published eight books, mostly with leading university presses. He has lectured and worked in six continents. He has received various grants from foundations and awards from academic associations and is a consultant for leading international foundations, development banks, and academic agencies. Levy teaches graduate students, prominently including international students.

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