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Law on the Promotion of Non-government Education in China

The "Law on the Promotion of Non-government Education in China" was approved by the 31st Session of the Standing Committee of People's Congress on December 28, 2002 and went into effect on September 1, 2003. The law is formulated in expressed accordance with Chinese Constitution and the Education Law with a view toward implementing the strategy of Prospering China by Science and Education, to promote healthy development of non-governmental education, and to safeguard the rights of non-governmental schools and students.

The law includes ten chapters: General Provisions, Establishment, Organization and Activity, Teachers and Students, Property and Financial Management, Administration and Supervision, Support and Rewards, Change and Closure, Legal Responsibilities, and Supplementary Provisions.

Chinese non-government (private) education has witnessed a dynamic development in recent years and has played an important role in Chinese education. However, there is a lack of a legal framework to facilitate and regulate private growth. The "Law on the Promotion of Non-government Education in China"-China's first national legislation on private education-was formulated in this context, aiming both to promote and regulate private education. The law covers all educational levels. For more information on the law and its impact to Chinese non-government education, see the article "China's New Private Education Law" by Fengqiao Yan and Daniel Levy.

The English version of the law was translated by Yingying Xu , PROPHE doctoral assistant, with PROPHE Contributing Scholar Fengqiao Yan and PROPHE Director Daniel Levy. It is not an official translation from Chinese government. Also see general disclaimer of PROPHE law site.

Please click here for the original Chinese text of this law. Click here for the English translation.

PROPHE welcomes any comments and inquiries about this law translation.


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