The University at Albany Uptown Campus

Located in New York’s capital city, the University at Albany offers its more than 17,300 students the expansive opportunities of a major research university and an environment designed to foster success. Designed by renowned architect Edward Durell Stone in 1961-62, the University’s Uptown Campus remains one of the largest and best-preserved examples of his characteristic modernist style, featuring such elements as open floor plans and spaces, flat roofs with colonnades, patterns of light, fountains, and a connection to modern building materials.

Campus Center Ballroom

As the “living room” of the campus, the Campus Center serves as a hub for students, faculty, staff, and the outside community. In an effort to create an environment of inclusive formal and informal engagement, the Campus Center provides program support, services, facilities and amenities to all guests.

The Ballroom is located on the second floor of the Campus Center, and directly accessible from the lobby of the Campus Center.

Campus Maps and Directions
Complete Uptown Campus Map with Directions in PDF Format