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The New Game in Cyber Security: Security Analytics

As our information technology landscape grows more complex security becomes increasingly difficult. A key challenge we face is the fundamental asymmetry between hackers and defenders; while hackers need to find only a single vulnerability to exploit, defenders need to protect against all vulnerabilities. This is compounded by the fact that technology continues to evolve at a lightning pace, while the security solutions to protect the technology lag behind.

The exploitation of human vulnerabilities is enabling intrusions into organizational networks to such a degree that the new operational assumption of any business is that their security will be breached. Consequently, the security paradigm is shifting from the concept of perimeter defense to gaining network visibility, whereby organizations can both detect and respond to intrusions promptly.

Security analytics is the key to visibility in computer networks. Logging information is collected from servers, routers, applications and computers across the network to gain insight into operations through data analytics, machine learning, and visualization. Open-source intelligence and threat information from malware companies is often used in conjunction with the organizational data to deduce intrusions and their sources.

This seminar will cover the challenges faced in the field of security analytics today, as our need for network visibility increases.

This year’s forum will be divided into 3 sessions:

  1. Data Analytics and Internet of Things: Will the data deluge from IOT necessitate a rethink of the entire information infrastructure?
  2. Cyber Security / National Security: Managing Security Data and Role of Educational Institutions in Training Students?
  3. Digital Forensics / Security Analytics: What are the limits and challenges to Forensics in intelligence, cyber security, and law enforcement?

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