Welcome from the President

James R. StellarMarch 2, 2017

I am pleased to welcome you to the 4th Annual President’s Forum on Data. Each year, as part of the UAlbany 2020 Program and the UAlbany Advanced Data Analytics Network, the University at Albany convenes leading experts to explore data as a resource in the development of new knowledge and economic opportunity, as well as a tool in policy making and problem solving. This year’s Forum will explore “security analytics”—the new paradigm in cyber security—and how academia, business and government leaders are advancing this emerging and transformational discipline.

Advanced data analytics is taking on historic importance in safeguarding our nation’s cyber security infrastructure. Virtually all facets of society are facing a proliferation of cyber security threats on a daily basis—threats reaching as far as our presidential electoral process. The detection of these critical cyber security challenges demands new tools and solutions, enhanced research and discovery, expanded education and training, and unparalleled levels of collaboration to protect the public and private sectors and our citizenry.

At UAlbany, our faculty scholars are contributing to these advances in numerous ways. In our research laboratories, scientists are pursuing innovative data analytics techniques and applications across multiple disciplines, including digital forensics, cyber security, and security analytics with the internet of things. In our classrooms, faculty are working to enhance the learning environment and curriculum to ensure that our students are well prepared for a job market that increasingly demands competencies in advanced data analytics, particularly security analytics. In partnership with practitioners, UAlbany researchers are using cutting-edge techniques to build models of systems and policies to improve cyber security across all sectors of government and business, as well as people whose lives are increasingly interconnected through the internet.

The 2017 President’s Forum on Data complements UAlbany’s robust programs in these areas by bringing together stakeholders from across sectors to engage in an exciting and timely discussion of the interdisciplinary significance and societal impact of security analytics.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.


James R. Stellar, Ph.D.
Interim President