Welcome to the Child Research and Study Center Parent Resource page. From this page you can download a booklet for parents, print out a variety of games for practicing early literacy skills, and access other websites that promote early literacy development.


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    Helping Your Child Become a Reader

    Parents often have questions about how they can help their children to become better readers. This booklet addresses 20 of the common questions that parents have and provides some suggestions and ideas that parents might find useful to support their children's early literacy development.

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    Activities and Games

    There are a variety of game-like activities that can be used to help children practice such things as the names and sounds of letters and how to read and write high frequency sight words. Use the "Activities and Games" link above to access directions and printable templates for planning and playing the games.

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    Websites to Explore

    The internet is a great resource for activities that promote early literacy development. There are a variety of websites that parents might explore with their children for such purposes as reading stories; playing games with letters, sounds, and words; and learning about the world. The websites provided here are not affiliated with the Child Research and Study Center.