Students' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for the RSSW courses?

Go to Getting Started on the Student's page of this website.

When I identify an organization, what is next?

Once you've found the organization that you want to volunteer at, contact them, set up an appointment to meet with them.  Pick up the registration packet in SS112 or download and print it .  Have the person that will be supervising you at the organization, complete the Supervisor Permission portion of the registration form.  You complete the Student Information Form and the Student Integrity Declaration.  Bring this completed registration form to our office to obtain the permission number for instructor's permission to add the class.

How many credits and what type of credits are available?

There are four courses that qualify for credits in the Community and Public Service Program. Three credits are given for RSSW290 and RSSW390, two credits for RSSW291, one credit for RSSW190. RSSW 190, RSSW290 and RSSW291 are graded S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). RSSW390 is graded A-E. The courses are electives in all majors. RSSW190/RSSW290/RSSW291/RSSW390 Cannot be taken twice.

Is RSSW available to all majors?   

Yes, all four courses are available to students in any academic concentration or major. To be eligible to take RSSW390 you must first complete either RSSW290 or RSSW291.

When can I take RSSW 190, RSSW 290, RSSW 291, RSSW 390?

RSSW courses are open to all undergraduates. RSSW390 has two prerequisites -- RSSW290 or RSSW291. EACH COURSE CAN ONLY BE TAKEN ONCE. RSSW 190 is not one of the prerequisites to RSSW390.

How will this course affect my GPA?

The RSSW 190, 291, 290 are (S/U) courses and per the Registrar's Office does not affect your GPA.  If you fail to complete all course assignments including all required hours, you will receive an Unsatisfactory (U) grade and no course credit will be earned.  RSSW 390 is graded A-E and it will affect your GPA.

Can I change organizations?

Students generally complete their volunteer hours for an entire course in one organization.  Occasionally, situations arise where this is not feasible.  Cases are dealt with individually.  Students or supervisors should contact CPSP staff as early as possible should a concern regarding placement arise.

Can I split my service between two Student Organizations?

No.  If you feel that your student organization is not providing enough community service hours.  Come talk to the CPSP staff first.  You will be allowed to find a community organization that you can add.  CPSP staff can direct you to community organizations that will be able to offer you volunteer service.

Can I do community service at various events without getting permission from CPSP?

No.  All RSSW hours must be approved by the CPSP.  A student must make sure their service is on record or permitted by the CPSP.  One organization is allowed unless the CPSP office gives permission to allow another.

Can I work for money at my organization?

No. Service hours to fulfill the RSSW course requirements cannot be paid.  If you are or become a paid staff member at your organization you must have a plan in place with your supervisor to ensure the separation of volunteer service and paid service.

What if my organization doesn't have enough hours?

Normally when an organization agrees to sponsor a volunteer it is with a commitment to provide enough opportunities to fulfill their commitment.  On the rare occasion that an organization cannot offer enough opportunities, please let us know.  We will help you develop a plan to fulfill their commitment. 

My class permission number is not working, what can I do:

There may be a couple of reasons that your permission number is not working:

* You may be exceeding 19 credits for that semester.  If so, you will need to go to the undergraduate dean's office to request permission to exceed 19 credits. Once you've been approved, you will then be able to add the class. 

* You may have a hold on your account.  Once the hold is removed you will be able to add the class.

* If either of the above are not the case, you should come to the CPSP office.  We will issue you a new permission number and work with you to resolve the late add problem.

What if I do not complete the course requirements?

You must complete all assignments and all hours to pass these courses.  If there are circumstances preventing you from completion of the requirements, you should contact the CPSP Director, Sheri Stevens to request an Incomplete.