What to Expect

Information for Supervisors

Please read the Information for Supervisors document (This is for the supervisor's information and guide to supervising their student volunteers.) Forms that are required from the supervising organization is page one of the registration form, Supervisor Permission form, and if you are a new organization to our program, you will need a New Organization Application form (this is a one time only required form)  Your student volunteer will have to complete page two of the registration forms, Student Information Form and Student Integrity Declaration.  These forms should be emailed or brought to our office in SS112 for the student to obtain a permission number to add the class to their schedule.

Community Service Fair

Each Fall and Spring we host a fair where we invite our non-profit and public organizational partners to publicize their organizations, share information about service opportunities and recruit student volunteers.

 Community Service Fair

Date TBA

(Watch for Invitation/Registration in September)

Lecture Center Concourse

Registration form is required, Contact Sstevens@albany.edu for more information