International Association of Facilitators

Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal

Editorial Board

Dr. Stephen Thorpe - Editor-in-Chief

Auckland University of Technology, Zenergy Ltd.

Stephen is an academic, educator and group facilitator who specializes in the science of group work in the online world. He is passionate about assisting people to collaborate using a range of online technologies and trains people around the world in online facilitation skills. He is a director of Zenergy Ltd., a member of the New Zealand E-Government Participation Community of Practice, on the Advisory Panel of the Global Facilitators Service Corps (GFSC) and is a founding member of the Virtual Life Education New Zealand Society.

Sascha Rixon - Editor

Babel Fish Group Pty Ltd., University of Melbourne, Melbourne

After completing an honours degree in linguistics in 2002 at the University of Queensland, Sascha travelled and worked in London in a variety of corporate environments. On returning from London, Sascha spent many hours in unproductive meetings and became curious as to how effective communication could facilitate more productive meetings. To this end, in 2007 Sascha commenced doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne exploring language in the workplace with a focus on the language use of facilitators in facilitated workshops. Sascha has co-authored an article on language use in facilitation in the Group Facilitation Journal.

Steven N. Pyser, J.D. - Editor

University of Phoenix (Philadelphia Campus), Philadelphia

Steven is a principal in a consulting firm that provides dialogue, strategic planning, conflict management, and synergy services to educational institutions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. He is a member of the faculty at the University of Phoenix, Greater Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Campuses, where he teaches undergraduate, graduate business, and management courses. Pyser facilitates public conversations and dialogues and conducts workshops on diversity, issues of public importance, group facilitation skills, and conflict management. He serves on the editorial board for Conflict Resolution Quarterly and as a staff editor for Journal of Legal Studies Education. He received his J.D. from Temple University School of Law.

William Staples - Publishing Editor

Bill Staples, Principal, Facilitator and Trainer, ICA Associates Inc., Toronto

Bill is respected worldwide and was the chair of the International Association of Facilitators Conference 2000 in Toronto which attracted 1,100 facilitators from around the world. The ICA network of organizations has written and published many facilitation books including The Focused Conversation Method, The Workshop Book, Winning Through Participation, The Courage to Lead, and Focused Conversations for Schools.

Dr. Andrew Rixon – Book Review Editor

Babel Fish Group Pty Ltd., Melbourne

Andrew first discovered the power of storytelling at the age of 14 when, during a classical guitar lesson, his teacher – having heard him just play something quite mechanically – said, ‘You’ve got to tell a story. What can you picture?’ With one of the first PhDs in Complex Systems and Complexity Science from the University of Queensland completed in June 1999, Andrew had the opportunity to move to Boston and work for a management think tank applying complexity insights to the world of organisations.  The founder and director of the boutique management consulting company Babel Fish Group, Andrew works as a professional facilitator and change consultant and has experience in working with organisations both within Australia and internationally, in the USA, the Netherlands and the UK.  Andrew brings a spirited dynamic presence as a professional speaker, leadership coach and workshop leader. Principled, innovative and resourceful, Andrew enjoys living in Melbourne with his wife Sascha and dog George. Andrew can be contacted by email at

Dr. William Reid – IAF Communications and Publications Director

Bill Reid Consulting, Nelson, B.C.

Bill has had a distinguished career in public education and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. An innovational educator and trained facilitator, Bill has presented sessions throughout BC and the USA including the American Association of School Administrators National Convention in San Diego, Leadership Forum in Phoenix, and National School Conference Institute in New York. Bill does consulting out of his office in Nelson and speaks at conferences on a variety of leadership topics such as communications, team building, decision making, time management, planning, and goal setting. Bill is also on the Board of the International Association of Facilitators.