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Brunswik Society Website

Tom Stewart
Albany, NY

The revision of the Brunswik Society site is now complete. Please visit

In addition, to redesign for easier navigation and future growth, several new pages have been added:

1. Brunswik's Woodworth: The story, the book, and images of selected pages (see "Resources").

2. Scenes from the 2000 meeting, in Berlin (see "Photographs").

3. A new essay by Bernhard Wolf (see "Notes and Essays").

4. Table of contents for the forth-coming volume, "The Essential Brunswik: Beginnings, Explications, Applications." (see "Recent Books by Brunswikians" under "Resources")

Oxford University Press is offering this book to Brunswik Society members at a substantial discount. A printable order form is provided. Royalties from the sale of this book will go to the Brunswik Society. Suggestions, contributions, and bug reports welcome.

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