Staff MemberJessica Somers, MA, MPH

Graduate Assistant

Telephone: (518) 486-6453

Center Projects: Tobacco Control Professional Development and Training Program, Immunization, and Advancing Cultural Competence

Jessica is a Research Project Student Assistant at the Center for Public Health Continuing Education. She specializes in designing and analyzing health workforce training needs assessments and program evaluations. At the Center, Jessica regularly evaluates NYS Tobacco Control Professional Development and Training Program activities. She spends a portion of her time reviewing and approving activities for Certified in Public Health continuing education credits. Jessica has a B.A. in anthropology from SUNY Binghamton, M.A. in applied medical anthropology from SUNY Buffalo, and an M.P.H. (social behavior and community health) from SUNY Albany.

Graduate Research: Jessica is completing her doctorate in cultural anthropology. Her research examines how an assortment of actors (health professionals, scientists, and community members) in New York State interpret the risk for Lyme disease in everyday life. She uses phenomenology, postphenomenology, and environmental hermeneutics perspectives in her research.