Understanding Population Health

Originally presented on December 11, 2015

Margaret O. Casey, RN, MPH
New York State Department of Health, Director of the Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention

Does "population health" mean the same thing as public health? Population health is a term frequently used by health care providers, health insurers, managed care organizations and federal health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  Yet it’s a term that means different things to different groups and is often confused with “public health.” This presentation will review the origins of population health, its many definitions, and its underlying meaning. We will also explore the differences between population health and public health, how the success of population health efforts are measured, and discuss some of the efforts to improve population health in New York State, particularly focused on the priorities contained in the New York State Prevention Agenda.

Learning Objectives
After viewing this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least one new role in population health that health insurers and health systems did not have prior to the implementation of the ACA;
  • Describe at least two requirements for success in population health efforts; and
  • Recall an example of population health efforts in New York State.

Continuing Education Credits expired for this activity on 12/31/2018. Please take the evaluation as your feedback does help to plan future programs.