Health Care Providers and the Promotion of Evidence Based Self-Management Programs:
Stories from the Field

Originally presented on August 27, 2014

Sue Millstein,  LCSW, MPH
Program Manager, Diabetes/Chronic Disease, New York State Department of Health

Patrick Collins, MD
Family Practice Physician, Jamestown Primary Care, Jamestown NY.  Dr. Collins also serves as the Medical Director of the Chautauqua Region Associated Medical Partners, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

Kathy Stanton, MBA
Practice Manager, Jamestown Primary Care, Jamestown, NY

People with chronic conditions are more likely to register and complete self-management programs when referred or recommended by their health care provider.  Establishing community-clinical linkages and sustaining these partnerships requires thoughtful outreach, attention to detail, and an understanding of the strengths each partner brings to the relationship.
This webinar will feature a family practice physician and a health care practice manager describing their motivations and experiences in creating linkages with a community coalition to refer patients to self-management workshops.  They will also offer tips and suggestions on referral processes, patient engagement and becoming part of the larger health care team.

A listing of resources for working with health care providers and health care organizations will also be presented.

Learning Objectives
After this program participants will be able to

  • List three reasons why health care providers and organizations should develop linkages to self-management programs for patients with chronic conditions.
  • Identify two barriers experienced by primary care practices in consistently referring patients to self-management programs, and how the barriers can be overcome.
  • Describe two outcomes that primary care providers often observe in their patients who complete a self-management program.