We Ask Because We Care:

What Communities Need to Know about Expanding Race & Ethnicity Data Collection in NYS Hospitals to Address Healthcare Disparities

Originally aired on February 25, 2014

Dr. Ruth Browne & Dr. Marilyn White
from the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

Health disparities – from access to care to health outcomes – disproportionately affect a growing segment of our population.  While recent reports show some progress in addressing health disparities, there is still much work to be done.  To improve the quality and equity of healthcare, there needs to be better, reliable and accurate disparity measures to assess the scope and types of disparities that exist.  Improved collection of expanded race and ethnicity data will allow hospitals and facilities to improve their assessment and understanding of the problem at their hospital or facility, develop and implement quality improvement interventions targeted to specific patient populations.

This 1 hour webinar  will provide community leaders/workers with the tools and information needed to inform their communities about the new expanded race and ethnicity data collection of patients accessing care in NYS Hospitals; including why it is important, what patients can expect and how the information is to be used.

Target Audience: Community Leaders/Community Health Workers/CBO Staff

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define healthcare disparities
  2. Describe the expanded race and ethnicity data collection standard being implemented in NYS Hospitals
  3. Identify the importance of collecting standardized expanded race and ethnicity data to address healthcare disparities
  4. Describe the importance of self-identification and sharing of race and ethnicity data in NYS hospital settings