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Lessons From the Field: Closing the Quality Gap in Healthcare Disparities through Better Data Collection

Originally presented on November 12, 2013

David S. Zingmond, MD, PhD 
Associate Professor In-Residence
Department of Internal Medicine 
Health Services Research
UCLA School of Medicine

Brian Currie, MD, MPH 
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research at Montefiore Medical Center

Michelle Gray
Director of Registration Services 
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Mr. James E. Page, Jr., MBA
Assistant Vice President, HR & Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competency
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Target Audience:  Physician Leadership, Hospital Executives, Quality improvement Advisers and Medical Staff

This webinar will discuss NYS' initiative to collect data using a uniform framework and how collecting accurate data helps your organization track progress over time. In addition, it allows for comparisons within organizations, across organizations, as well as at a national level.  It will highlight lessons from other facilities in their effort to expand data collection to address healthcare disparities through measurement, reporting, and benchmarking as elements in improving care.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the importance for the efforts in NYS to improve the reliability and completeness of race and ethnicity data collection
  2. Illustrate other hospital experiences in systematically collecting and using race and ethnicity data and the use of the data
  3. Demonstrate examples of the use of the data to stratify quality measures