MDS 3.0: A Primer

This short 25 minute training will give you a basic overview of MDS 3.0.  This primer is most beneficial to those that are new to MDS 3.0.  It is recommended that registrants view the primer prior to taking our in-person or webinar version of MDS 3.0: An Introduction.

Facilities and staff will find MDS 3.0: A Primer to be a helpful tool to assist in orienting new or existing staff to MDS 3.0.

This training will help you attain the details that will help you be able to describe:

  • The history and purpose of the Minimum Data Set 3.0 (MDS)
  • The benefit MDS 3.0 has for the resident, facility and quality management
  • The Resident Assessment Instrument manual and its use
  • The purpose of the MDS 3.0 assessment form
  • The Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)