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All students studying, visiting and/or working at a UAlbany campus during the Fall 2020 semester were required to provide proof of a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) test result showing they had no active COVID-19 infection before their arrival on campus.

Please visit our Health & Safety page for the most up-to-date information on our testing and tracing protocols.

Under the governor's office guidance, if a college or university records 100 positive cases among students, faculty and staff studying, visiting and/or working at a UAlbany campus within a set 14-day period, that institution must move to remote learning for at least two weeks.

The box below shows the number of cases at UAlbany currently counting toward the state’s threshold. The current 14-day period is September 11 to 25.

Positive Cases Recorded Between September 11 and 25
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Confirmed Positive Cases in the Past 14 Days

The numbers below represent confirmed positive cases among faculty, staff and students (including individuals not tested at UAlbany) within the past 14 days.

Positive Cases Among Students Living On Campus
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Positive Cases Among Students Living Off Campus Taking Classes On Campus
#ffffff 1
Positive Cases Among Students Living Off Campus Taking All Remote Classes
#ffffff 1
Positive Cases Among Employees Working On Campus
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Student Health Services Testing

Students can access PCR diagnostic testing through a Student Health Services (SHS) appointment. No antigen testing is conducted on campus at this time.

Total Number of Tests Conducted On Campus Since August 13
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12.58% *
Percent Positive for Tests Conducted On Campus Over the Past 14 Days
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* Note regarding Percent Positive

This number includes only those students tested through Student Health Services and should not be used to extrapolate the overall positivity rate among UAlbany students.

Generally speaking, students tested by SHS may be more likely to test positive because they sought testing at SHS because they were symptomatic, were known to have been exposed to a positive individual or were referred there for having been part of a pool that was flagged during surveillance testing as presumptively positive.

In order to know the true infection rate among our students, the University would need to know the number of students being tested off campus who are also testing negative. Without that number, the University cannot know the true denominator based on which to calculate the percentage of students testing positive. That information is not required to be reported to the University. 

Pooled Surveillance Testing

In our pooled surveillance testing program, four saliva samples are grouped and processed by a lab to determine whether that pool is positive for the virus. 

If a pool tests positive, at least one of the people in that group has the virus and all individuals are contacted with instructions for diagnostic testing.

Total Number of Individual Saliva Samples Tested Since September 1
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Total Number of Presumptive Positive Pools
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Last updated: 8:05 p.m. Wednesday, September 23, 2020


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