Instructional Support & Technology

UAlbany’s Instructional Support Network 

Whether your course will be taught in the classroom, online or in a hybrid mode, the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership (ITLAL), Information Technology Services (ITS) and Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) have developed workshops, webinars and related supports to assist you as you prepare your instruction.  

Workshops and Guides

ITLAL offers workshops to support your overall course approach, goals and strategies regardless of delivery mode, as well as workshops to support a holistic transformation of a course to online delivery.  

ITS has developed a Teaching & Learning page that outlines the instructional technology, tools and resources that directly supporting teaching and learning.

Individual Consultation

ITLAL and ITS consultants are available for individual consultation and support.  

Request an ITLAL consultation for teaching-related concerns.

Request an ITS consultation for technology-related concerns.  

Library Services

Current students, faculty and staff can physically access our libraries, if needed, during the Spring 2021 semester. (Please check online for the most up-to-date hours of operation.)  

However, we encourage all students, faculty and staff to first contact the library to see whether the services they need can be accessed virtually instead.  

Librarians are available to assist students with their research questions through chat, email and telephone. Students can even request one-on-one virtual research consultations.   

The University Library also offers information literacy tutorials, in-depth subject guides and online workshops.   

Commuter students can use one of 10 single-occupancy rooms — available on a first come, first served basis — to attend online classes.  

Visit the University Library website to get started.

University-Supported Instructional Tools 

To provide the greatest consistency and continuity for our students, and to ensure students’ work is in a secure space supported by Information Technology Services, instructors are asked to use Zoom and Blackboard as the primary educational resources. Logging in with your University credentials (NetID and password) assures full access to these platforms.

Blackboard Information

A Blackboard shell has been created for every Spring 2021 course. Faculty should make their course available to students.

For more information on using Blackboard, review ITS' Blackboard resources.

Every Blackboard course is built with an adaptable, plug-and-play template intended to enable instructors to structure their course content and activities according to the instructional mode determined for their course.

The template includes tool-specific guidance designed to help instructors connect Blackboard functions to teaching strategies. It also includes links to example Blackboard courses from colleagues in a variety of disciplines across the campus. 

Broad utilization of the template will provide a consistent learning environment for students as they navigate multiple online classes. 

Zoom Information

Zoom Resources 

All faculty and students must activate their UAlbany Zoom account and use it to access UAlbany-scheduled courses. 

The conferencing tool offers video, audio, wireless screen-sharing, polling and breakout rooms. The following resources are available to help you learn about Zoom and how to integrate it into your classroom:    

Please also review our Zoom Security Guidance page.

Using Zoom in the Classroom 

Cameras and microphones installed in classrooms can be selected in Zoom and used to broadcast or record any lectures or class meetings for remote students. 

Review ITS’ Quick Use Guide for Classrooms for further instructions on how to use the cameras and microphones in the rooms where you’ll be teaching.

Zoom meetings can also be projected in the classroom to display remote students and the content they need to share with the class.

The instructor computer screen can be shared through Zoom to display class content to the remote participants — such as lecture slides, webpages, documents or the Zoom whiteboard. Zoom meetings can be recorded for viewing later by all students.  

You can also download and use UAlbany-themed Zoom backgrounds

Classroom Technology Available to Instructors 

All instructional spaces are equipped with audio-visual (AV) capability that will enable instructors to synchronously broadcast their classes to some or all students, as well as record lectures and meetings for asynchronous viewing. 

To help ensure safety of faculty, staff and students, technology has been installed with an intent to minimize the need to touch the equipment. However, instructors may need to touch equipment — such as the camera, touch panel, remote, keyboard and mouse — to operate the technology. 

Technology set-ups vary by classroom. To learn more about the camera, microphone and range of instructor mobility for a specific classroom, see the ITS Classroom Tech Guide.


Note: Faculty without the necessary technology at home can utilize their on-campus office. Please visit the Workplace Protocols page for additional guidance.