Report a Problem

A Shared Responsibility 

The University at Albany is committed to providing an excellent education for every student in an environment that maintains the health, safety and well-being of our entire campus community.  

The many challenges posed by COVID-19 require a commitment to shared responsibility: We are all accountable to one another and must engage in behaviors that ensure the health and wellbeing of the entire UAlbany community. 

It is critically important that you familiarize yourself with all COVID-19-related requirements and procedures on campus — particularly those related to Health & Safety — and adhere to these protocols, so that we can remain safe and on campus. 

These guidelines are continually being reviewed, updated and are subject to change, so please continue to check the COVID-19 website for updates. 

Employees who fail to follow these rules will be in violation of the University’s workplace expectations and may be subject to an employee relations referral. 

Students who fail to follow these rules will be in violation of the University’s code of conduct, Community Rights & Responsibilities, and may be subject to a student conduct referral. Visit our Student Expectations & Sanctions page for more information.


Making a Report 

The University has created a COVID-19 Complaint Form that allows any community member to submit a formal complaint against someone on campus who is not following the University’s Health & Safety expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Faculty & Staff: Please review the Responding to Student Noncompliance page for guidance on how to address issues with students and when it is appropriate to file a report. 

Students: Please review the Step Up to Protect Greatness message for guidance on how to address issues with your peers and when it is appropriate to file a report. 

COVID-19 Complaint Form

This form is not intended for use in emergency situations. In an emergency, immediately call the University Police Department by dialing 911 on a campus phone or 518-442-3131 on a cell phone. 

Reports will be routed to the one of three offices: 

  • Complaints against students will be sent to the Dean of Students. 

  • Complaints against faculty and staff will be sent to Employee Relations. 

  • Complaints against visitors will be sent to the University Police Department. 


Additional Campus Resources 

Taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial right now. If you or someone you know needs help, please visit our Wellbeing & Support page. 

Campus Resources

It’s especially important to note that it’s normal to be experiencing a range of emotional reactions to the evolving global health situation. If your stress is interfering with your relationships, studies, work or daily life, support is available. 

Students should contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 518- 442-5800 or to schedule in-person or virtual appointments. Professionals are also available to consult with parents, faculty and staff.