Coming to Campus During the Spring 2021 Semester

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All students who are studying at, working on or visiting any of UAlbany’s campuses — regardless of whether they live on or off campus — during the Spring 2021 semester must participate in our weekly surveillance testing program

If you are not participating in weekly surveillance testing but plan to come to any UAlbany campus for any reason during the Spring 2021 semester, you must complete the following steps before you arrive on campus. 

Note: Students who are only coming to campus to get vaccinated or to attend the Great Dane Graduation Experience do not need to complete these steps. 

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Step 1: Get a Diagnostic Test

You must undergo a PCR-based diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, within the 72 hours (three days) before you arrive on campus.

Results from an antigen test, antibody test or UAlbany surveillance test will not fulfill this requirement. 

Visit the New York State Department of Health’s website to find a nearby test site. Students are responsible for arranging for testing and paying associated costs, if applicable.  

However, if you previously tested positive in the past 90 days, you do not need to be retested. Instead, upload a PDF of your original positive test result to the Student COVID Documentation Portal.

Additionally, if you received that positive test result in the past 30 days, you must also upload the county health order releasing you from isolation. 

Step 2: Submit Your Test Result

When you receive your diagnostic test results, you must upload a PDF of the results to the Student COVID Documentation Portal and then email [email protected] to notify our team that you have uploaded your pre-arrival test result to the portal.

If your test results were positive — meaning the virus was detected — you must isolate and follow the instructions of your local health officials. You will not be allowed to come to any UAlbany campus until that period of isolation is complete. 

Step 3: Get Approval to Come to Campus

Students are not allowed onto campus until they have completed the above two steps and have had their documentation approved by University officials. 

Approvals and denials will be sent to students’ UAlbany email accounts.

Step 4: Participate in Surveillance Testing Upon Arrival

Note: Students who are only coming to campus for a single event may skip this step.  

If you are approved to come to campus for the remainder of the semester, you must immediately begin participating in weekly surveillance testing.  

Visit our Surveillance Testing page to learn where to get a test kit and where to submit your saliva sample on the day you arrive on campus. 

Students who have received a COVID-19 vaccine are still required to complete all requirements, including weekly surveillance testing.



Students who were registered for 100% online classes, who were not signed up for campus housing or a campus meal plan, and who did not plan to physically come to any UAlbany campus during the Spring 2021 semester for any reason were eligible to obtain a waiver, or exemption, from surveillance testing at the beginning of the semester. 

However, students’ waivers are revoked if they register for an in-person or hybrid class, sign up for campus housing or a campus meal plan, or otherwise indicate they will be coming to any UAlbany campus during the Spring 2021 semester. 

Please contact the Dean of Students’ Office at [email protected] with any questions.