SUNY COVID tenure clock policy

SUNY COVID tenure clock policy

To: Faculty

From: Provost Carol H. Kim

Subject: Stopping the Tenure and Promotion Clock

Yesterday we received a SUNY-UUP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) titled “Possible Adjustments to Tenure Clock Timelines and Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Review Materials” together with instructions for immediate implementation. Here are key elements of the MOU:

  • First, all academic rank employees not currently under review for tenure and promotion will receive an automatic one-year extension of their clock, without change in title, full-time equivalent or other employment status. Any faculty member who wants to stay on their current schedule can opt out of the extension by sending a written request to his/her Department Chair and Dean. The deadline for this request is determined by each individual campus. For UAlbany, the deadline will be June 1 for candidates being reviewed the following academic year, and October 1 for candidates being reviewed the following calendar year.

  • Second, faculty members who taught in Spring 2020 (full-time or part-time) will have the option of not including student, peer evaluations or course materials in their packets for renewal or tenure and promotion review without prejudice. In addition, faculty members can add an explanation of the impact of COVID-19 on their work in scholarship and teaching, including a discussion of their experience in moving to remote forms of course delivery.

  • Lastly, there is provision for a six-month clock stop for professional employees on request. Since professional employees are deployed across all of the University’s Divisions, Vice President Foreman will write separately regarding that change.

Insofar as this SUNY-wide policy applies to stopping the tenure clock, it supersedes the campus policy I enunciated in my messages sent in March and April. I believe the SUNY policy is consistent with my previous messages regarding student SIRF course evaluations, so those procedures remain intact and will continue. To reiterate, student course evaluations will continue to be solicited for students enrolled in the spring 2020 semester. This is to permit the University to obtain institutional averages. Instructors will be able to view and download their own course evaluation results from the online system as they normally do. Instructors will have until June 15 to notify their Chair or Dean whether they wish to have their evaluations available to administrators (opt in) or not (opt out).  If the instructor fails to communicate with their Chair or Dean, we will assume that they have chosen to make their evaluations available to administrators (opted in). Administrators who wish to see spring 2020 results for any purpose will need to request reports from Institutional Research. Institutional Research will supply course evaluation reports for instructors who have opted in. Be advised that due to these changes the elements of “Instructor, Overall” and “Course, Overall” will not be available in the Faculty Activity Report (FAR) until June 30 this year.