New On-Campus COVID-19 Isolation Procedures

November 29, 2022

Dear Resident Student:

As we approach the end of the fall semester, we are writing to update you on a change to the University’s COVID-19 isolation protocols that will take effect during intersession.

Starting December 13, 2022, and continuing through the spring semester, the University will ask resident students who cannot return to their permanent residence to isolate in their residence hall or campus apartment if they test positive for COVID-19.

This shift is consistent with federal and New York State guidance to get vaccinated/boosted, stay home when sick to the extent possible and seek out a health care provider to discuss treatment. It also reflects other important considerations, including:

  • The widespread availability of bivalent vaccines and the high level of protection against severe disease afforded by our community’s high vaccination rate

  • Concerns about the impact of continued isolation on mental health and well-being, and

  • The importance of providing a similar level of care and support to all students, regardless of the specific communicable disease they are experiencing (COVID-19, influenza, RSV, etc.) and regardless of whether they are isolating on campus or off

The University also needs to adapt its response to reflect COVID-19’s now-endemic status, and the extremely low utilization rate of campus isolation housing this semester shows that many students are already making plans for isolation that do not include University isolation housing.

As isolating in place will be new to our resident students, we strongly encourage roommates and suitemates to touch base over the intersession period and discuss their plans for isolation prior to returning to campus in January. 

All students are still required to report positive COVID-19 tests to the University. Visit the new Positive Test Results & Isolation webpage on the University’s COVID-19 website for instructions on how to isolate in place and how to plan ahead with your roommates and suitemates.

Your diligence and cooperation have been essential to our success so far. We strongly encourage you to continue to take these steps to prepare for your return to campus next semester.

Wishing you all successful final weeks of the semester and a very happy and restful winter break.


Michael Christakis, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

Carol Perrin
Director of Residential Life