Win $100! Test for COVID-19 Weekly on Campus for Your Chance

October 13, 2021

Dear Great Danes, 

With the semester well underway, we’d like to thank you for your diligence as we all work together to control the spread of COVID-19. One of our most powerful tools in this fight, launched during the earliest days of the pandemic, is UAlbany’s fast and accurate surveillance testing conducted by the RNA Institute. 

With our campus vaccination requirement now fully in effect, we are expanding participation in surveillance testing to vaccinated students on a voluntary basis. While vaccinated students are not required to participate in testing, it is strongly encouraged. As a thank you to fully vaccinated students who voluntarily participate in the program, the University will hold a weekly $100 drawing, as well as a drawing for one $500 winner at the end of the semester from among those students who voluntarily tested every week during the remainder of the semester (each week from October 18 through December 6, 2021).   

The COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective, but regular testing among vaccinated individuals is an invaluable added layer of vigilance that will help vaccinated students and employees avoid unknowingly exposing others to COVID-19 at home and/or work when, thanks to the highly effective vaccines, they may only be experiencing an asymptomatic infection. This is especially important as you look forward to visiting your family and friends for the holidays. 

Full details are available on the Surveillance Testing webpage. To participate: 

  1. Pick up a Fall 2021 test kit at one of several locations across the University’s three campuses. 

  2. Register your kit immediately

  3. Monitor your phone and email. 

  4. Collect your saliva sample on your testing days. Watch a video on how to properly collect a saliva sample.  

  5. Drop off your saliva sample at one of the several drop box locations across the University’s three campuses. 

  6. If your saliva sample tests positive – meaning the virus was detected – you will receive a phone call from an authorized University employee from the Office of Emergency Management. 

As a reminder, all students with approved vaccination exemptions and all employees who have not submitted proof of vaccination must participate in weekly surveillance testing. 

For more information about the program, visit the Surveillance Testing webpage.


Kevin C. Wilcox 

Associate Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance 

COVID-19 Safety Officer