REMINDER: Student Gathering Guidelines

February 5, 2021

Dear Great Dane:

As we head into our first weekend of the semester, which happens to coincide with the Super Bowl, I’d like to reiterate the message I sent last week and remind students of the University’s expectations and our collective responsibility to keep ourselves and our community safe.

For off-campus gatherings:

  • The limit of attendees, including residents, is double the current residential population of the dwelling, up to a maximum of 10 persons. For example, if four people live in a four-bedroom apartment, the residence may have a total of eight people in the apartment. If the dwelling has a vacancy or multiple vacancies, the limit of attendees remains double the current residential population. For example, if three people are living in a four-bedroom apartment, the residence may have a total of six people in the apartment.

  • Even if a gathering is outside (such as in front or back yards), it shall not exceed a total of 10 people at any time.

  • In all cases, if the state or local limit is less than that specified above, then the state or local limit supersedes the limit specified above.

  • Students who host or attend gatherings, regardless of size, that endanger or put others at risk may be referred for a violation of the University's Student Code of Conduct — which can result in sanctions, up to and including, suspension or dismissal from the University.

  • Attendees and hosts are required to wear masks at all times when indoors. When outside, attendees and hosts are required to wear masks whenever at least six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.

For students living on-campus:

The SUNY-wide student sanctioning directive issued by Chancellor Malatras last fall remains in effect and outlines administrative measures or sanctions that UAlbany is required to issue to students who are found responsible for violating COVID-19 rules. The sanctions outlined in the directive are serious and have significant repercussions for students who violate COVID-19 rules. I implore all students to carefully read the Chancellor’s directive as well as UAlbany’s COVID-19 rules, outlined on the Student Expectations and Sanctions webpage.

And finally, no matter where or how you plan to enjoy your weekend, please remember that anonymous surveys indicate that the more alcohol that students report consuming, the less likely they are to follow COVID-19 public health guidelines, such as wearing masks and physical distancing. These circumstances place everyone involved at greater risk of not only coronavirus disease transmission, but also injuries, violence, alcohol poisoning, and other risks to health and safety. Please make your safety your top priority.

Last semester, the vast majority of UAlbany students did a fantastic job following UAlbany’s COVID-19 rules and as a result, kept themselves and others safe – thank you, and let’s keep it up this semester. We must remain vigilant. We must each be accountable.

We are #OneUAlbany.


Clarence L. McNeill

Dean of Students

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs