Employees: Returning to campus

March 19, 2021


As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available and regional infectivity rates have declined to manageable levels, we must now begin preparing for the not-too-distant future when we can return to some sense of normalcy, even as we acknowledge that things will never be the same for so many families directly impacted by the virus.

The current NYS Pilot Telecommuting Program expires April 2, 2021, but we anticipate that it will be extended into the summer.

Nevertheless, planning has begun for the rest of the University community to safely rejoin the hundreds of essential employees who have remained on campus throughout the pandemic to keep the University operating smoothly. While the coronavirus may never be entirely eradicated, we anticipate that by fall the vaccine will be widely available and that the state’s restrictions related to gatherings and building capacities will be substantially reduced, if not removed entirely.  We will of course continue to follow all applicable CDC and NYS health and safety guidance, as we have throughout the pandemic.

Provost Kim and Vice President Christakis previously announced plans to return to in-person instruction for Fall 2021.  With the expected return of students and faculty to campus this fall, we also expect that most services will again be available in person and that all offices will be open for regular in person business hours. For the immediate future, we will continue as we have with current capacity restrictions in place.

As we wind down widespread telecommuting, you should expect a transition period over the summer during which more employees will return to campus as NYS capacity limits are incrementally increased. Any limited telecommuting beyond the summer will adhere to all relevant SUNY policies and statewide guidance at that time.  More details will be provided as we move into summer.  In the meantime, there are no prohibitions on employees returning to campus sooner as long as all safety protocols and capacity limits are adhered to.

We look forward to seeing you all in person again soon as we return to something that more closely resembles the vibrant campus we are used to.  Until then, be safe and be well.

Denise L. Szelest

Senior Director

Office of Human Resources Management