COVID-19 Essential Housing Information

August 26, 2021


Dear Residential Student,  

With the semester now underway, we’d like to provide you with information about what to expect if you test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as having contact with a known positive individual.  

If you were approved for an exemption from the vaccination requirement or are only partially vaccinated (meaning you are unvaccinated, less than two weeks have passed since your final shot or you have not submitted proof of vaccination), you will be required to go home or to a hotel, at your own cost, if you are ordered into quarantine or isolation. A list of local hotels is available on the COVID-19 website. In the event you are ordered to quarantine or isolate, for public health monitoring reasons, you must provide Residential Life with the address where you plan to go, the name and telephone number of another individual at that location, and then receive written confirmation from Residential Life to quarantine or isolate at that location. Visit the Quarantine & Isolation Instructions for Residential Students webpage for full details.  

If you are fully vaccinated (meaning you have received all required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, at least two weeks have passed since your final shot, and you have submitted proof of vaccination), you may either go home or be moved to available UAlbany on-campus quarantine and isolation housing if you are ordered into quarantine or isolation.  

Full details are available on the Quarantine & Isolation Instructions for Residential Students webpage. A few important points regarding University-provided quarantine and isolation housing, which is only available to students who are fully vaccinated, are below:

  • The University will provide transportation for you to the housing location, to and from any on-campus COVID-19 testing you may need during your stay, and back to your permanent campus housing at the end of your stay. You are not allowed to drive yourself, take public transportation, use a ride share service or ask a friend to drive you to the housing location.  

  • Students will have $35.00 loaded onto their ID card under a special “UAlbany Iso Quar” account each day and will use these funds to order meal deliveries via Grubhub. Full instructions and information about how you will be charged is available on the Quarantine & Isolation Instructions for Residential Students webpage.

  • WIFI is available in University-provided quarantine and isolation housing. Therefore, you are expected to coordinate the continuation of your coursework with your instructors to the best of your ability, unless you are physically unable to do so. 

  • You will not need to empty or completely pack up your permanent residence hall or apartment. Please only bring the supplies you’ll need for up to 10 days. A suggested packing list is available on the Quarantine & Isolation Instructions for Residential Students webpage. 

  • You may not leave your room for any reason other than to seek medical care, get tested or in the event of a fire alarm, mandatory evacuation or other emergency. You must wear your mask anytime you open your door or leave your room. 

  • Residential Life has staff living on site who will assist students throughout their stay. 

No matter where you quarantine or isolate, you must have written approval from Residential Life to return to your permanent campus housing assignment after you have been in quarantine or isolation. To request approval, upload the county health order releasing you from quarantine or isolation into the Student COVID Documentation Portal

Complete details for all residential students are available on the Quarantine & Isolation Instructions for Residential Students webpage. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our community safe. 


Carol Perrin 
Director, Residential Life 

Stephen Conard, CEM 
Manager, Office of Emergency Management