Student Sanctions for COVID-19 Policy Violations

Student Sanctions for COVID-19 Policy Violations

Dear Student:

I want to make you all aware of a new SUNY system-wide sanctioning policy that will take effect tomorrow, October 1, 2020. 

SUNY Chancellor, Jim Malatras, recently announced a directive regarding “Emergency Uniform SUNY-Wide Safety Protocols to Strengthen Penalties for Reckless Behavior and Non-Compliance of COVID-19 Codes.” 

The directive outlines a sanctioning policy that cites penalties or sanctions that UAlbany is required to issue to students who are found responsible for violating COVID-19 rules, specifically:

  • Intentional Violations of COVID-19 Positive Students

  • Failure to Self-Isolate 

  • Failure to Quarantine 

  • Prohibited On-Campus or Off-Campus Gathering (Hosts) 

  • Prohibited On-Campus or Off-Campus Gathering (Attendees) 

  • Violations of Face Mask and Social Distancing Requirements

  • Failure to Comply with Contact Tracing 

  • Failure to Comply with Campus Health Protocols

  • Additional sanction outcomes for Student Athletes and Student Organizations and their members

The Student Expectations and Sanctions webpage outlines a full description of the University’s COVID-19 rules and the sanctions associated with violations.

To be clear - the sanctions outlined in the directive are serious, and have significant repercussions for students who violate COVID-19 rules. Sanctions include Disciplinary Dismissal, Disciplinary Suspension, Campus Restriction, and Removal from Housing. These outcomes will remove a student from campus, housing and/or academics, hold them financially accountable for the semester, and may include a notation on the student’s academic transcript.  

I do not want students to be surprised or caught off-guard by these sanctions. Therefore, I implore all students to carefully read the Chancellor’s directive as well as UAlbany’s COVID-19 rules, outlined on the Student Expectations and Sanctions webpage.

So far, the vast majority of UAlbany students have done a fantastic job following UAlbany’s COVID-19 rules and have kept themselves and others safe – keep it up! We must remain vigilant. We must each be accountable. We are #OneUAlbany.


Clarence McNeill 

Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Dean of Students