Pooled Surveillance Testing for UUP Employees

Pooled Surveillance Testing for UUP Employees

September 16, 2020

To: UUP represented employees:

In response to the critical need to identify and control the spread of COVID-19 infections, and in the best interest of the entire SUNY community, UUP and SUNY have agreed that effective immediately, all UUP employees reporting to any of our three campuses must participate in our pooled surveillance testing program through December 31, 2020. As such, any UUP employee reporting to campus for some or all of their work obligation who has not already picked up and registered a testing kit, will be required to do so no later than September 23, 2020.

Testing kits are available for contactless pick-up on each campus. Someone else can pick up a testing kit for you. Follow the instructions provided with each testing kit.  

You will receive an email in advance of your date to submit your sample. If your submission date is not a date you are scheduled to be on campus, and you cannot come to campus to drop off your sample, please wait to collect and submit your sample on your next scheduled work day on campus. To be most effective, a sample should be collected just prior to submission.

Please visit the COVID-19 website for more information about the testing program and updates about UAlbany's COVID-19 response.

Denise L. Szelest

Senior Director of Human Resources