PAUSE: What would it mean for our campus community?

PAUSE: What would it mean for our campus community?

October 15, 2020

Dear UAlbany Community, 

This is informational only. There are NO changes to our campus operations or instructional offerings at this time.

While we are NOT currently entering or announcing a precautionary pause period, and do not anticipate having to enter a precautionary pause period anytime soon, this notice serves to acquaint our students, faculty and staff with how we would move to 100 percent remote learning and limit on-campus activities, if needed. 

As you may be aware, SUNY and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) have issued guidance to campuses regarding a transition to 100 percent remote learning and limited on-campus activities, typically for 14 days, when: 

  1. 100 individuals or five percent of a total on-campus population test positive for COVID-19 within a static 14-day period, or 

  2. The state determines the area around the campus to be a COVID-19 high-risk cluster zone, or 

  3. SUNY, or the state, determine that there is an impending COVID-19 risk on campus or in the immediate campus area 

This is referred to as a precautionary pause.  

The University at Albany tracks and publishes its cases based on this 14-day window on the COVID-19 dashboard, which is updated daily and shared with SUNY.   

What Would a Precautionary Pause Mean for You? 

If UAlbany were to enter into a precautionary pause period, we would be required to: 

  • Deliver all classes through remote learning, but may continue to conduct in-person activities such as clinical, laboratory, licensure and research, in consultation with the local health department 

  • Residential facilities will remain open and students would generally be required to stay on campus and in their rooms to the extent possible 

  • Convert all campus dining and food service entirely to a pick-up operation with no seating options 

  • Suspend in-person athletics, extracurricular programs, and non-essential services, while medical services, counseling and COVID pooled testing will continue 

  • Prohibit visitors to campus and students from entering any residence halls or apartments other than the one where they reside 

To better understand what would happen during a precautionary pause, please visit UAlbany’s PAUSE Procedures webpage. 

In order to avoid having to enter a precautionary pause period, UAlbany will continue to employ regular pooled testing, on-campus point of care PCR testing, a wastewater surveillance program, and adhere to our approved health and safety guidelines. We ask that all faculty, staff and students continue their vigilant adherence to our health and safety efforts.   

Should we be required to hit pause anytime this semester, more guidance would be available via your email and UAlbany’s COVID-19 website


Kevin Wilcox 
Campus COVID-19 Safety Officer  
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance