Help Us Stem the Surge: All Students Must Submit Saliva Sample by 5 pm Friday, Nov. 6

Help Us Stem the Surge: All Students Must Submit Saliva Sample by 5 pm Friday, Nov. 6

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dear Great Danes: 

Over the last four days we have seen a significant spike in the number of positive and presumed positive COVID-19 cases among on-campus students. As a result, we must take immediate action to stem this recent and rapid rise in positive cases.  Effective at 8 p.m. today - Thursday, November 5 - the following measures will be in effect on all UAlbany campuses for faculty, staff, students, and visitors: 

  • No off-campus visitors, including UAlbany students who reside off campus, may enter any University residence hall or apartment building 

  • No students who reside on campus may enter any residence hall or apartment building other than the one in which they reside  

  • All on-campus fitness centers will be closed until further notice 

  • Students and employees are strongly encouraged to use take-out dining only and take advantage of the unseasonably warmer weather this weekend to eat outside 

  • No more than two individuals may be seated at a table inside the Campus Center and tables may not be moved together to create groups larger than two (2) individuals 

  • Individuals seated in the Campus Center must have a mask on at all times except when they are actively eating  

  • There may be no in-person events or gatherings of any kind, including informal gatherings of more than nine (9) people other than formal academic classes or other pre-approved academic gatherings held on or off campus.  Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to hold all events or gatherings remotely until further notice. 

In addition, in order to better assess the infectivity rate on campus, every student living on campus in any residence hall or apartment will be required to submit a saliva sample between receipt of this notice and 5 p.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020. Students should use one of the tubes from the kit they have already registered and submit a sample at one of the sample collection boxes on campus. A list of drop-off locations can be found here.

Note: If you are an on-campus resident and have received a positive PCR diagnostic test result since you arrived for the Fall 2020 semester, you should not submit a saliva sample on November 6. Instead, you must provide documentation of your previous positive test result, either by uploading it into the “Test Results” section of the Student Portal or by calling the University’s COVID-19 hotline (518-442-2683).

We believe this surge in cases is connected to the community spread occurring generally throughout the Capital Region in recent weeks. The good news is our pooled surveillance testing program has given us an early warning to take these necessary steps to curb the spread and keep ourselves, our families and our community healthy. 

I trust you will join me in taking every possible precaution to stop the spread and to see each other safely through the remaining two-and-half weeks of the semester. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the UAlbany COVID-19 Hotline at 518-442-2683


Kevin Wilcox 

Campus COVID-19 Safety Officer 

Associate Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance