Information for Students

Daily Student Health ScreeningUpload Student DocumentationRegister a Surveillance Test Kit

Keeping Safe 

Health & Safety: Report a positive test result. Complete a daily health screening. Learn about our testing, tracing, quarantine, isolation, cleaning and personal safety protocols. 

Surveillance Testing: Learn how to participate. Get and register your test kit. Find a drop box to submit your saliva sample. 

Pre-Arrival & Arrival Requirements: Coming to campus for the first time this semester? You must complete these steps before arriving at UAlbany for any reason.

Pause Procedures: Understand what to expect and what would be expected of you in the event of a Pause. 

On-Campus Quarantine & Isolation: If you live on campus, learn about the quarantine and isolation protocol. 

Student Expectations & Sanctions: Review our campus expectations and the SUNY-wide sanctions for violating safety protocols. 

Workplace Protocols: If you work on campus, learn about the University’s health and safety requirements for the workplace. 

Vaccinate UAlbanyCheck your eligibility and make an appointment. The University at Albany encourages all students to get the COVID-19 vaccine when they are eligible. 



Spring 2021 Academics & Research: View the academic schedule and course delivery options. Learn about health and safety protocols for classrooms and research facilities. 

Academic Resources for Students: Get information on attendance policies, course materials and technology. Access resources for academic advisement, support and integrity. 


Campus Information 

Campus Life: Get information on housing, dining, building access, public transportation, student life and recreation. 

Visitors & Events: Review protocol for hosting visitors or planning events that involve UAlbany community members. Access the Visitors Health Screening.

Report a Problem: Submit a formal complaint against a student, employee or visitor who is not following our health and safety expectations. 


Support for Students 

Wellbeing & Support: Access on-campus resources for mental and physical health. Secure disability accommodations. Get advice on managing social situations. Request emergency support. 

Federal Funding: Get information about emergency federal funding meant to assist students with exceptional need during the coronavirus pandemic.