Keep Working

ITS offers numerous tools for working from anywhere with an Internet connection. Testing them now is the best way to assure accessing University resources from off-campus locations.

Access UAlbany Mail and Calendar in the cloud and on your desktop.

  • Download all Microsoft apps from Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile devices for communication and collaboration needs.

  • Use the Office365 "waffle" (top left of page) to switch between all Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Store files and documents in multiple places to ensure access.

Conference and collaborate with others.

Make sure you know how to use GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Use Jabber to access your office phone number from your desktop.

Software Resources 

Four popular software titles are now temporarily available for installation on personally-owned machines enabling use from off-campus locations. Visit the ITS Software Catalog for more information or to request a temporary license for any of these titles: 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Acrobat Professional: All members of the UAlbany community who currently hold an Adobe license will receive instructions from ITS on accessing a temporary, cloud-based version available through May 31, 2020.  

  • Additionally, a limited number of licenses are now available for home use for the following statistical software packages: SAS, SPSS and STATA.