Graduate Students

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is currently working remotely and you may contact them at or use their virtual office hours via Zoom between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. You can also call them at 518-442-3980.

All professional development workshops offered by the Graduate School will be conducted virtually. Dissertation and Thesis Virtual Hours are also being offered for the remainder of the semester. Information can be found on the Graduate School news and events website

Please continue to monitor all COVID-19 Information pages, especially all pages with information for students, as well as your email for updates and additional information.


Graduate Assistantships 

Graduate assistants are expected to fulfill their obligations. In fact, they will be essential to a successful transition to remote teaching and learning. Graduate assistants, student assistants, and teaching assistants can continue to work remotely under the following conditions:

  • Approval from supervisor is required

  • There is a work plan in place

  • Hours worked must be able to be tracked

  • Employee must have access to resources

Contact your supervisor to discuss the most appropriate way to continue your activities.

Graduate students serving as instructors

Contact your department chair or dean for guidance. Visit our Keep TeachingResources and Guidance, and Training Videos pages for help.

Graduate students serving as teaching assistants

Contact the instructor responsible for the course and ask for guidance on how to adapt TA responsibilities to a remote teaching and learning format. Graduate TAs must be available to assist the instructor for the remainder of the semester. In many cases it may be possible to do so remotely but please consult with the instructor. Visit our Keep TeachingResources and Guidance, and Training Videos pages for help.

Graduate students serving as research assistants

Whether on State or RF-funded assistantships, research assistants are expected to continue their research activities. The campus remains open and research assistants should work with their faculty supervisors to determine work activities and work schedules. Research groups may want to consider ways to conduct research activities remotely wherever possible, but on-campus research is expected to continue for now. However, researchers are encouraged to consider adopting practices that prioritize health and safety of all research staff (for example: staggered schedules). Research assistants should contact their supervisor and graduate director if they have additional questions. 

Graduate students on assistantships with activities other than the instructional mission and research

Contact your supervisor to discuss the most appropriate way to continue your activities. In some cases, GAs may be able to continue their work remotely. In other cases, GAs may have to work on campus, in which case the supervisor should identify how best to conduct those activities so that the health and safety of workers is prioritized. 

Graduate Courses 

Temporary remote delivery is not required for students enrolled in research courses such as 699, 897, 898 and 899 courses. However, faculty and students are encouraged to consider ways in which research can be done remotely.

Graduate students conducting research for their dissertation or thesis may also continue.

Dissertation and thesis defenses may continue as well, however, they will need to be conducted virtually using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Webex. Please coordinate with your department.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Appeal

The deadline to submit the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Appeal was May 1, 2020. Grading basis changes will not be approved after this date, including reversals (S/U back to A through E). The form is no longer available for submission. Questions related to the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Appeal can be directed to the Graduate School at

Dropping a course (W assigned)

We encourage all students to speak with their advisor before dropping a course to review potential academic and financial aid impacts.  

If you choose to withdraw from classes before the end of the semester, contact the Office of Financial Aid before doing so, as there may be significant implications to your current and future aid if you decide to withdraw from classes at this point. 

If you continue with your current course load, financial aid will not be affected by the move to remote learning. 

Dropping coursework may impact your graduate assistantship eligibility. You must maintain fulltime enrollment to continue your graduate assistantship. A graduate student who is currently on an assistantship might become ineligible to maintain funding if they drop below full-time status, which is defined as being enrolled 9 credits or 1-credit of 899.