Campus Life

Campus Services and Campus Specific Programs

Clubs and social activities

All in-person student club and organization events are canceled for the remainder of the semester. This includes all in-person events, both on and off campus, regardless of funding source or recognizing entity.  

We understand you may have many questions and concerns regarding funding and contracts. The Student Association (SA) Leadership, The Graduate Student Association (GSA) Leadership and the Office of Student Activities will work with your leadership closely to navigate these issues.  


Student Association: 518-442-5640 | 

Graduate Student Association: 518-442-4101 | 

Student Involvement: 518-442-5566 | 

Disabilities resources

The Disabilities Resource Center is open virtually. For questions regarding accessibility and accommodations, please contact the DRC at 518-442-5501 or

You can also reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students' at

Division 1 Athletics

All athletics events — including practices, training and competitions for all UAlbany teams — have been canceled for the spring semester. This also includes any events that were scheduled to occur after the end of the semester.  

UAlbany Athletics   

Student Association and Graduate Student Association

All SUNY campuses were issued a directive by the SUNY Board of Trustees to postpone upcoming student government elections until Fall 2020. 

The UAlbany GSA Elections Committee intend to follow this directive and will postpone our election until September 2020. We shall provide you with more specific information regarding the GSA Elections timeline at a later date. As per the directive by the SUNY Board of Trustees, all members of the GSA Executive Board (if able and willing) will serve until October 1, 2020. 


Student Association:

Graduate Student Association:

Working on campus

Under recent federal Department of Education guidance, federal work study students will be paid for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester based on the average hours worked per week for the spring 2020 semester to date.  Additional guidance for federal work study students is forthcoming. 


For questions about 2019-20 Work Study, please contact Work Study Director Dina Holmes at

For questions about 2020-21 Work Study, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 518-442-3202 or

Residential Life

Credits and refunds

Please refer to our Credits & Refunds page for details on applicable prorated credits for enrolled students.

Living off campus

I am not returning to Albany and would like to cancel my lease. How do I do that?

Leases are binding contracts and, as such, are very difficult to get out of. That being said, students who are not planning to return to their rental apartment are encouraged to discuss this with their landlord. Given the situation, some landlords may be willing to negotiate a pro-rated discount.   


My lease is expiring soon and I am uncomfortable traveling to get my belongings. What should I do? 

Contact your landlord and check to see if you would be able to extend your lease by another month. If not, you may be able to ask a friend who is already in the area to pack up your belongings and store them on your behalf.  


My apartment mates did not return to Albany and I am scared to live alone.  

If one or more of your apartment mates have moved out, check with your landlord to see if they are planning on moving someone else in. If the landlord is unable to find someone to move in, perhaps you can find a friend that could stay with you to help cover the cost of rent. Additionally, check with the landlord to see what else they might be able to do to enhance your feeling of safety (add an additional lock to the front door, install a motion activated light, etc.).  


My apartment mates moved out and caused a bunch of damage to the apartment. I’m afraid that I will be charged for the damage given that I am the only one staying.  

Contact your apartment mates to find out how they are planning on addressing the damage (are they planning on paying the landlord, having it repaired prior to the end of the lease, etc.). Next, contact your landlord and let them know that you’d prefer the landlord to do a walk-through of the apartment immediately so you can explain what, if any, damage was caused by you.  


I have lost my source of income and am no longer able to pay for rent. What should I do?  

Speak to your landlord to see if they would be willing to negotiate an extended payment plan.  


My landlord is threatening to evict me due to an inability to pay rent. How should I handle this? 

On March 20, 2020, under Executive Order 202.8 Governor Cuomo prohibited the enforcement of any eviction or foreclosure proceeding for a period of 90 days. After 90 days passes, if you are facing eviction and live in the City of Albany, we recommend contacting the United Tenants of Albany (UTA). UTA is a non-profit organization that works with tenants on various tenants rights issues including but not limited to eviction. Call UTA at 518-436-8997. 


I am currently homeless and/or need assistance in obtaining food.  

Contact the Dean of Students office by calling 518-442-5501 or e-mailing  


Other questions or concerns regarding living off-campus can be directed to Off-Campus Student Services by emailing

Living on campus next fall

The main office of Residential Life is open virtually. Please contact them at 518-442-5875 or with any questions.

Please visit the Residential Life website for forms and more information.   

Residential Life


If you are physically moving out, please empty and clean your micro-fridge but leave it plugged in for pick up at a later date.

As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the University Auxiliary Services website.

University Auxiliary Services 

Moving out of campus housing

The main office of Residential Life is open virtually. Please contact them at 518-442-5875 or with any questions.

As the semester is coming to a close we are requesting that you select a check out date and time to officially remove all of your belongings from your room and or apartment no later than May 1, 2020. The check-out schedule runs through May 14, 2020. This is the last day of occupancy and you must remove your belongings on or before this date. There are options for moving and summer storage if you cannot come to campus. Storage has to be arranged by May 8, 2020.

All Quads and Apartment complexes have staff available to assist, and each quad and apartment office has staff on duty 24/7. During check-out, it is not our intention to be unwelcoming but our staff will practice social distancing for their health and personal safety. Please check your emails often as we are communicating with students regularly.


Staying on campus

If you have been approved to remain in campus housing during Spring 2020 and have any questions, please contact Residential Life at 518-442-5875 or


For students who wish to store their belongings over the summer or who cannot come to campus to pick up their belongings before May, please review the available options through Don's Moving and Storage. The deadline for arranging storage is May 8, 2020.

University Auxiliary Services

What's open

Building access

All campus buildings are locked with the exception of limited dining locations when schedule open. Dining locations and hours are subject to change. 

CAPS and Student Health Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is still open. They are available to consult with parents, faculty and staff. They are also still meeting with students. Learn more about their daily operations on the CAPS website.

  • If you are ill, suspect that you are ill or have come into contact with someone who is ill, please contact CAPS to reschedule. They are also available by phone (518-442-5800) and email ( 

  • CAPS has also released a guide for Mental Health during COVID-19.   

Student Health Services is open virtually, and ready to answer questions and schedule telemedicine appointments. 

  • Call 518-442-5454 for assistance. 

  • Call 518-956-8419 to schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our clinicians. 

  • Information about community resources, including urgent medical facilities, is available on the Student Health Services website.

ID Cards

The ID Card Office is operating virtually at this time. Their primary focus is the safety and wellbeing of the UAlbany community, as well as assisting students and essential staff who are remaining on campus.   

If you are not physically using your ID Card at this time to access or complete essential services, please contact the ID Card Office after the University has resumed regular operation. Please make sure that you have uploaded your photo and credentials at if you would like to have access to a virtual ID Card.   

Temporary ID Cards being used for essential services and access will not expire until the University has resumed regular operation. A Temporary ID Card can be obtained 24/7 at UPD during this situation, if necessary. 

ID Card Office 

ITS hands-on help

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides access to a wide range of technology tools and services. For help or support, email or call 518-442-3700.

Library resources

University Libraries are now functioning remotely. Access to eBooks, research tools and other library services is now available online. You can also contact the University Libraries via a chat feature or reach out to subject librarians directly. 

AskUs chat service is staffed 24/7 so any questions about the libraries services will be answered through that format.

Offices on campus

Financial Aid, EOP, the Academic Services Center, Undergraduate Education and many other offices are operating virtually. Please visit their individual websites.

Recreation spaces

All in-door Campus Recreation spaces are closed and in-person programs have been cancelled for the remainder of the spring semester.

The Campus Recreation office is open virtually and will be offering virtual group exercise classes and E-sports, as well as tips and activities you can do in your room or outdoors while social distancing.   

Follow Campus Recreation on Twitter (@UAlbanyRec) and Instagram (UAlbanyRec)

Campus Recreation


All CDTA buses are operating daily on a modified schedule for the time being. For information on routes directly serving UAlbany, please visit the CDTA website.

Our on-demand services are available on the Uptown Campus from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 518-424-9614 and review the Mass Transit Schedule.  

UAlbany reminds student residing on campus for the remainder of the semester that they may only leave campus for essential reasons, such as doctor’s appointments and purchasing needed supplies like groceries and prescriptions.

Parking and Mass Transit 

Financial Aid


While staff in the Office of Financial Aid are not physically present in the office, you may contact us at or 518-442-5540. We will answer inquiries and make arrangements to serve your needs. 

Paying your bill

We recognize that this is a difficult time. If you have a critical financial need, please contact the Financial Aid Office at or 518-442-3202.