Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find resources to help me adapt my current courses for distance learning?

The University has resources to assist in adapting your courses for remote delivery. 

Do I need to let the University know if I or someone on my staff has symptoms of COVID-19?

If you are exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 (including fever, cough, shortness of breath, respiratory infection/distress) you MUST notify Human Resources by calling the Medical Reporting Hotline at 518-442-1501.  Leave your name and contact information so a staff member can reach out to you.

I have a student in my class who does not have access to the necessary technology resources to participate in remote learning. How is the university addressing these situations?

Please refer your student to the Student's Keep Learning page on the University's COVID-19 information page. There is a information included on that page requesting student to fill out a form detailing their resources needs so that the University can reach out to the student directly and assist with identifying solutions.

Can I request a stop of the tenure clock since scholarly productivity is impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak?

Requests to pause the tenure clock due to disruption of scholarly productivity during this semester will be granted. This will be done on an opt-in or opt-out basis as we recognize some faculty may wish to be considered for tenure without pause. Faculty should submit a request to their department chair or dean to be placed in qualified rank for the 2020 spring semester for purposes of extending their probationary period by one semester, if they would like to choose that option. Requests must be submitted by May 1, 2020.

Will student teaching evaluations from this semester be included in my tenure case file?

Faculty can decide to opt-out of having student teaching evaluations (SIRFS) from the current semester included in their tenure or promotion case file. The default position will be for faculty to opt-in to continue with the standard SIRF process. Faculty who wish to opt-out should send their request to their department chair with a copy to their dean.

My student has family and/or friends directly affected by COVID-19. What can I do to support them?

It is important to recognize the emotional stress that situations like this can cause and to support all members of our campus community. 

If a student is stressed or worried, please encourage them to contact the Dean of Students’ Office and/or Counseling and Psychological Services at 518-442-5800. You can also file a CARE report

My student is quarantined (mandatory or voluntary). What should I do?

As the University is continuing instruction this Spring semester remotely, students who are quarantined but not exhibiting symptoms should participate in remote instruction. Students with concerns should feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office

If a student is quarantined and exhibiting symptoms, please make the usual accommodations in case of student illness as discussed in the Provost's recent notice to faculty and staff on illness-related accommodations

If a student has remained on campus and is exhibiting symptoms as described in guidance issued by U.S. health agencies, they should contact the Student Health Services immediately at 518-442-5229. Students who are not in residence on campus should contact their personal physicians.

My student says they are sick and need an extension on their assignment(s). What should I do?

The Provost recently sent out a notice to faculty and staff on illness-related accommodations

Students who remained on campus should be encouraged to contact the Student Health Services at 518-442-5229 before going to health services if they feel ill and should be supported in a manner consistent with our usual practices and procedures.  

What is the impact of remote teaching for students currently doing internships?

Please consult the Resources and Guidance available on the Faculty section of the University’s COVID-19 information page and work directly with the students to identify possible solutions.

What will happen with my lab classes?

Faculty members should consult the Resources and Guidance available on the Faculty section of the University’s COVID-19 information page and work with their chairs to determine the best method for delivering lab instruction.

I have ongoing research or a research proposal I am hoping to submit. What are my points of contact at the University?

Please review the research guidance as well as the message from Vice President Jim Dias to researchers on the continuation of research during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may also use the below contact information to reach out to the applicable unit within the Division for Research at the University at Albany.

Proposal submissions or sponsored awards: | 518-442-3196

Regulatory and research compliance: | 518-437-3850

Research Foundation payroll, benefits and Human Resources: | 518-437-4500

Grants Development and PI Grants Writing Training: | 518-956-8170 | 518-437-3896