Information for Employees

Daily Employee Health ScreeningRegister a Surveillance Test Kit

Keeping Safe 

Health & SafetyReport a positive test result. Complete a daily health screening. Learn about our testing, tracing, quarantine, isolation, cleaning and personal safety protocols. 

Surveillance Testing: Learn how to participate. Get and register your test kit. Find a drop box to submit your saliva sample. 

Vaccinate UAlbanyMake an appointment. The University at Albany encourages all employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Workplace ProtocolsReview the University’s health and safety requirements for the workplace. Access employee resources. 

Pause ProceduresUnderstand what to expect and what would be expected of you in the event of a Pause. 


Campus Information & Resources 

Plans for the Fall 2021 Semester: Our shift back to regular in-person instruction, on-campus housing and student life will be aligned with local, state and federal public health guidelines. 

Campus Life: Get information on housing, campus access, public transportation and other aspects of campus life.

Visitors & EventsReview protocol for hosting visitors or planning events that involve UAlbany community members. Access the Visitors Health Screening.

Wellbeing & Support: Get advice on how to manage your mental and physical health, as well as social situations. Request emergency support. 

Report a ProblemSubmit a formal complaint against a student, employee or visitor who is not following our health and safety expectations. 

Printable Signs: Download 8.5” x 11” posters for bulletin boards, doors and other approved surfaces. 


Resources for Instructors 

Summer 2021 Academics & ResearchLearn about course delivery, as well as health and safety protocols for classrooms and research facilities. 

Course Development: Shape your course around its delivery method. Maintain academic integrity. Update your syllabus. Ensure accessibility. 

Instructional Support & Technology: Access workshops, webinars, individual consultations and library services. Learn about the classroom technology available to instructors, including Zoom, Blackboard, cameras and microphones. 

Zoom Security Guidance: Learn about the tools and services that can help prevent unwelcome guests. Download UAlbany-themed Zoom backgrounds. 

Responding to Student Noncompliance: Review how to communicate requirements to students and when to submit a formal report.