Workplace Protocols

Employees: Submit Proof of Vaccination Employees: Submit a Daily Health Screening Register a Surveillance Test Kit


All employees have returned to work on campus and offices are open. 

All employees, regardless of vaccination status, must: 

Employees who are unvaccinated, or who choose not to submit proof of vaccination, must:

Employees who have provided proof of full vaccination to the University are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while outdoors, especially when they are within six feet of others.


Health & Safety Guidelines for Employees

The information below applies specifically to employees. Please also review the Health & Safety and Visitors & Events pages for additional information.

Open Office Environments

If you work in an open environment without barriers, such as cubicle walls or Plexiglas, you must maintain at least six feet distance from coworkers, when practical, or wear a mask at all times.

No additional barriers, such as Plexiglass, are needed in offices where coworkers’ desks are separated by cubicles that provide proper physical distancing. See diagrams of approved physical distancing workspaces.

You should always wear a face mask or covering while in a shared workspace or room, or while moving about indoors. Masks must be worn when engaging with the public, including students.

If your workstation is located at least six feet away from others or includes a partition (such as a cubicle) that reaches above your head while seated, you may remove your mask while seated at your workstation. You must wear a mask when standing at your workstation or anywhere outside your workstation.

If your workstation is inside a shared space but does not have such a barrier, please contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety to determine if one is needed and can be installed.

You must also wear a mask while walking down narrow hallways, working in a reception or receiving area, or spending time inside break rooms and meeting spaces.  

Public-facing Counters 

The University has installed plexiglass shields in work areas that involve a high level of interaction with others — such as the mail room or library reference desk counters.

Requests for plexiglass shields should be made by your department’s Facilities contact, using the AiM online work request system.   

The need for plexiglass installations is determined by the volume of public interaction and the ability to practice other means of physical distancing, such as adding floor decals or delivering services remotely or by appointment-only.  

Contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 518-442-3480 with general questions.  

Meetings & Gatherings

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask in any meeting or gathering. Whenever possible, you must also physically distance. 

Please review our Visitors & Events page for more information. 

Disinfecting Supplies

Custodial crews continue to follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting.

Additional care should be taken to wipe down and clean/disinfect public-facing surfaces used by multiple people. Offices with service counters and public spaces are being provided with cleaning products so employees can wipe surfaces down throughout the day.  

Spray bottles with paper towels are being provided. Disinfecting wipes are in short supply and cannot be widely provided.  

Contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety to request more hand sanitizer and other cleaning products.

How to Request Disinfecting Spray Bottles 

If you are requesting disinfecting spray for the first time, please submit a request form.  

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety will review your request and contact you with any issues or questions. Then, facilities staff will deliver disinfect spray and paper towels, usually within a day.  

Please save the bottle and spray attachment. The University will refill and reuse it.  

How to Refill Disinfecting Spray Bottles 

Please contact a refill station coordinator closest to your office to schedule a time to exchange or refill your bottles: 

  • West Podium — Customer Service, HU B43 

    • Service desk: 518-442-3480  

  • East Podium — Life Sciences Research Building Custodial Office, Dock Room 1007 

    • Dan Cellupica: 518-591-8866 

    • Chris LaFountain: 518-442-3298  

    • Steve Urban: 518-442-3409  

  • Athletics Facilities — Custodial Office, SEFCU A038 

    • Bruce Robinson: 518-442-3296  

    • Eli Shkullhau: 518-442-3296  

    • Buka Hoxha: 518-442-3296  

  • Downtown Campus — Draper B041 

    • Tom Gellhaus: 518-442-3465  

    • Alfred Cannozzo: 518-442-3465  

    • Ken Keefer: 518- 442-4032 

Bring your empty bottles and their spray attachments to the refill station. The coordinator will take down your name and department to track use and inventories. 


How to Use Disinfecting Spray Bottles 

Wet surfaces thoroughly by spraying from six to eight inches away. Surfaces must remain wet for one minute. Then either wipe surfaces dry, rinse the surface or allow it to air dry. 

Gloves and other PPE are not needed for routine disinfecting. 

Parking Decals

Employee vehicles must be registered and have a valid parking permit properly displayed to park on campus. If you don't yet have a valid 2020-2021 decal, they are available for purchase from Parking and Mass Transit Services.


Resources for Employees

UAlbany’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees with the goal of offering support and promoting a healthy state of mind and wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. 

Contact UAlbany’s Interim EAP Coordinator at 518-442-5483 or [email protected]. You can also review these COVID-related resources compiled by EAP.   

Please visit our Wellbeing & Support page for additional resources to support your physical and emotional health.