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These protocols are subject to change as COVID-19 conditions change, so please check back with this website often. 

Please visit the Vaccinations, Surveillance Testing and Instructor Guidance pages for additional health and safety information. 

Note: Failure to comply with the University’s COVID-19 protocols may result in disciplinary action.


Daily Health Monitoring

Any individual coming to a UAlbany campus for any reason must monitor their symptoms. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms at any time, get tested and stay home or in your residence hall/apartment. 

Students and employees who test positive must notify the University. Guests should notify their county health department. 



Surveillance & Diagnostic Testing 

All students and employees can voluntarily participate in UAlbany’s surveillance testing program. Participation is no longer required of any students or employees. 

Anyone who receives a presumptive positive surveillance test result will be promptly referred for recommended diagnostic testing and given instructions to isolate pending results. Register a surveillance test kit now.

Students with COVID-19 symptoms have access to rapid, on-campus diagnostic testing. Please visit the Student Health Services website to make an appointment. 



Contact Tracing 

When any student or employee notifies the University of a positive COVID-19 test result, UAlbany explains how to identify close contacts and what close contacts should do. As necessary, the University’s Office of Emergency Management can assist counties with contact tracing and expand current contact tracing on campus.



Reporting Positive Test Results 

UAlbany students and employees who receive a positive diagnostic test result must inform the University. All others should report positive test results to their local health department.

Reporting Instructions for Students
  1. Upload your test result or county health documentation (such as health orders or health releases, if these are available) into the Student COVID Documentation Portal

  2. Read the isolation rules below.

Reporting Instructions for Employees
  1. Any employee who receives a positive test result or is quarantined by the public health officials must call HR's Medical Reporting Hotline at 518-442-1501. Please leave your name and contact information, and an HR staff member will be in contact with instructions. Alternatively, you may complete an Employee COVID-19 Intake Form instead of calling the hotline.

  2. Follow HR's instructions for submitting your test result or county health documentation (such as health orders or health releases, if these are available). 

  3. Read the isolation rules below. 

If a student tells you they have received a positive diagnostic test result, please ask them to complete the "Instructions for Students" listed above. If the conversation is happening via email, do not forward or include anyone else in your messages, as this is sensitive information. 


Isolation is a way of separating a person known or suspected to be infected with an infectious disease from the community to stop the spread. If you test positive for COVID-19 (through diagnostic testing or UAlbany surveillance testing), you will be ordered by the University and/or county health officials to isolate.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must do the following: 

  • You must report your positive test result to the University

  • You must isolate for at least five full days. Note: Negative test results cannot shorten or lengthen isolation time. 

  • You may not return to any UAlbany campus or University-operated space until your isolation period is over and you have received University approval to return to campus, which will be sent to your UAlbany email address. 

  • For an additional five days after leaving isolation, you must wear a tightly fitting mask anytime you are in a room with other people. 

Students who live on campus should visit the Isolation Instructions for Residential Students page for additional instructions.



Facilities Services 

Cleaning & Disinfection

Facilities staff clean and disinfect classrooms and other instructional spaces each night, and routinely disinfect high-touch or high-use public spaces — such as doorknobs, light switches, desktops, railings, sink handles and countertops — throughout the day.   

Large gathering spaces are cleaned and disinfected nightly.  

Building Ventilation

While the state has removed all requirements regarding additional air ventilation in buildings, all University buildings with mechanical ventilation systems will continue to operate with adequate outside air and improved filtration. 

In buildings without mechanical ventilation, some spaces have been supplemented with air filtration units.

Hand Sanitizer

Facilities will continue to stock and refill hand sanitizer stations in public spaces on campus.  

Students and employees are also encouraged to carry their own sanitizer for use throughout the day. 


Masks are not required indoors on UAlbany’s campuses, including inside Campus Center, instructional spaces (classrooms, studios, labs, etc.) and most other common meeting areas, except for the locations listed below, where masks are mandatory:

  • Student Health Services 

  • Counseling & Psychological Services 

  • All areas of Alumni Quad

All students and employees must also wear a mask when required in the period after isolation.

We strongly recommend unvaccinated individuals, as well as vaccinated individuals who have not yet received a COVID-19 booster, to continue wearing a mask. 

Accessibility: Alternatives are available for individuals who may need to see others’ faces or mouths to communicate. Please contact Disability Access and Inclusion Student Services (DAISS) or your Human Resources office for assistance.