Coming to Campus During Summer 2021

Students: Submit Proof of VaccinationStudents: Submit Test ResultsRegister a Surveillance Test Kit

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Students Regularly Coming to Campus 

All students who are living on campus or regularly visiting any UAlbany campus for work, research, class, athletic training, etc. during the Summer 2021 term must submit a saliva sample to the University’s surveillance testing program on the day of their arrival

Students who are not yet fully vaccinated, or students who have not yet provided the University with proof of vaccination, must continue to participate in weekly surveillance testing for the duration of their time on campus this summer. 

Fully vaccinated students should submit proof of vaccinationNote: You are not fully vaccinated until you have received all required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and at least two weeks have passed since your final shot. 


Students with a Simple Errand on Campus 

Students who are not participating in weekly surveillance testing but who need to come to any UAlbany campus during the Summer 2021 term for a simple errand — such as picking up a library book or visiting an office — must monitor their symptoms before coming to campus and stay home if they are sick. 

Review a list of possible COVID-19 symptoms on the CDC website.

If a student has any symptoms, they should stay home, self-quarantine and contact a medical professional. Additionally, anyone under a current quarantine or isolation order is not allowed on campus until released by health officials.

If you are coming to campus to attend an event, please note that attendees who are note fully vaccinated must wear masks at the event and, if the room allows, remain physically distanced.



Students approved for summer housing should contact Residential Life at [email protected]

All other students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students at [email protected]

New students should visit the COVID-19 Protocols for In-person Orientation Events page on the Orientation website for additional information.