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Campus Expectations 

To help ensure the health and safety of our entire community, all students are required to adhere to the expectations outlined on this website while on campus and, where applicable, off campus. 

Please visit our Student Expectations & Sanctions page for more detailed information.

Note: If you are a student arriving on campus for the first time anytime during the Spring 2021 semester  — whether to attend a hybrid class, to participate in a one-time event or awards ceremony, or to visit a friend — you must complete the pre-arrival and arrival requirements before arriving on campus. (Students who are only coming to campus to get vaccinated or to attend the Great Dane Graduation Experience do not need to complete these steps.)



On-Campus Housing 

The University has reduced overall occupancy in campus housing by limiting housing options to single- or double-rooms only. We have also eased our residency requirements to allow students who live outside a 50-mile radius of our main campus to live and take remote classes from home. 

Students must wear a mask or face covering whenever they leave their suite or apartment. Residents can remove their masks inside communal bathrooms but must wear a mask in the hallway.   

Students living in on-campus housing must adhere to the University Residence Halls & Apartments License for 2020-2021

Please visit our Health & Safety and On-Campus Quarantine & Isolation pages for more detailed information on the expectations and protocols for students who live on campus. 

Rules for Guests

Please note these rules have been modified for the Spring 2021 semester. 


Student hosts are defined as residential occupants assigned to an on-campus bedroom, suite or apartment. Individuals who helped organize, promote, or advertise an event are also considered a host. 

Guests are defined as any individual who is not currently assigned to the on-campus bedroom, suite or apartment. A guest must be explicitly invited by a host and cannot bring additional people with them. 

Host Responsibility

A host must remain with their guest.  

Hosts assume responsibility for the behavior and activities or their guests. Guests are subject to the same rules, regulations and expectations as their host, and hosts must inform guests of those rules, regulations and expectations in advance. 

When guests are present, all guests, hosts and other residential students must wear a face mask that fully covers their nose and mouth, and must maintain at least six feet of physical distancing, at all times. 

The University reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the host where violations of University regulations have occurred and to require the immediate departure of any guest at any time.   

Residents are not allowed to host parties or events in their bedroom, suite or apartment at any time. Gatherings of any size are disruptive to the community and, as a health hazard, will be dispersed. 

Hosts who violate these rules may be referred through the student conduct process and may receive sanctions up to and including removal from residence, campus restrictions, disciplinary suspension or disciplinary dismissal. 

Guests are only allowed during the below time frames.  

  • Sunday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

  • Monday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

  • Tuesday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

  • Wednesday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

  • Thursday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

  • Friday: 7 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. 

  • Saturday: 7 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. 

Overnight guests are not permitted. 

Guests Who Are Also On-Campus Residents

Guests who are also on-campus residents are allowed inside the host student’s on-campus residence hall bedroom, suite or apartment.  

Only one guest per residential student is allowed in any bedroom, suite or apartment. For example, an apartment with four residents may have a maximum of four guests, totaling no more than eight people (including guests and residents), in the apartment at any time. 

Guests who observe that a bedroom, suite or apartment is over the guest limit must leave immediately. 

Guests are not transferrable between hosts. For example, in an apartment with four residents, Resident A can only host one guest and cannot use the host privileges of the three other residents to host additional guests. 

Additionally, the student host must tell their fellow residents about a guest before that person arrives. 

As a reminder, students who live in University housing must complete a Daily Student Health Screening within the hour before they leave their bedroom, suite or apartment. 

Guests Who Do Not Live On Campus 

Guests who do not live in on-campus housing are not allowed inside the host student’s on-campus bedroom, suite or apartment. This includes fellow students who live off-campus, as well as the host student’s parents, family and friends. 

Guests who do not live on campus are allowed in lounge areas, where available; on campus grounds; and in the open areas of the Campus Center. 

Guests who live off campus and are UAlbany students are required to complete a Daily Student Health Screening within the hour before they arrive on campus. 

Guests who live off campus and are not UAlbany students are required to complete a Visitor Health Screening on the day they plan to visit and before they arrive on campus. 

Hosts are responsible for only allowing individuals who have completed and passed a health screening to come to campus. 

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Student Services is working closely with various landlords and property management companies to highlight issues concerning COVID-19 off campus and stress safety measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of transmission. 

Staff members are also working with various neighborhood associations, business owners and city agencies, including the Albany Police Department, to address pandemic-related issues that occur in the community.

If you receive a positive diagnostic test result, please upload your test result and county health documentation (such as health orders or health releases) the Student COVID Documentation Portal and then email [email protected] to notify the University. 

Students are required to follow all mask mandates, physical distancing guidelines and other directives from the University pertaining to COVID-19 while they are both on and off campus. That includes any New York State Governor’s Executive Orders, as well as the rules listed in the UAlbany Cares pledge and on this website.  

Note: Indoor and outdoor residential gatherings, including those held at off-campus apartments and houses, must not involve more than 10 individuals.

If you have questions or concerns related to off-campus housing, please contact Off-Campus Student Services at 518-442-5501 or [email protected]



On-Campus Dining 

On-campus dining is consolidated into one location for the Spring 2021 semester to allow for frequent cleaning, more take-out options and the widest variety of food offerings. 

Hours, serving style, queuing and meal plans comply with all state and CDC health guidance. 

While staff continues to regularly clean and disinfect public spaces, students are strongly encouraged to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant before and after each use, per CDC guidelines. Disinfectant wipes are available at various locations around campus.  

Regular use of hand sanitizer and proper hand washing is also recommended. 

Spring 2021 Meal Plans

All meal plan requirements are in effect, per the 2020-2021 Housing License, with the following changes:   

  • Meal plans begin at 4 p.m. January 26, 2021.

  • All students living in residence halls will automatically be assigned the myFlex Meal Plan #2.

  • Commuter students and students who live in University Apartments can select any myFlex or myChoice Meal Plan, and can select or add a meal plan at anytime.

  • Use your ID card to access your meal plan’s Discount Dollars. Discount Dollars are used to purchase meals, snacks and drinks for either a 30% or 50% discount at retail locations at the Campus Center.​​​​​ Use the Discount Dollars Usage Guide to manage spending throughout the semester.  

  • Since Discount Dollars don't activate a discount for pre-packaged food, bottled drinks or items from vending machines, you may also want to add Munch Money or Podium. These funds can be added by logging into the UAS portal or by using the CBORD Mobile ID App.

  • Unused Discount Dollars and Munch Money from Fall 2020 roll over into Spring 2021 but will expire at the end of this semester.

Retail Dining

Residential dining rooms will remain closed during the Spring 2021 semester. Students will get their meals from Campus Center Retail Dining venues

  • Allergen-free meals: Grab-and-go meals from Simple Servings are available at 518 Market, with a 30% discount for students using Discount Dollars from a myFlex or myChoice meal plan. Additionally, all retail dining venues have allergen-free, vegetarian and vegan menu options listed near the registers.

  • Kosher meals: Kosher meals must be pre-ordered and are available for pick up at the 518 Market in the Campus Center. Please email [email protected] to request access to the online ordering form. Additionally, other kosher options are available at 518 Market. 

  • Halal meals: Halal Shack, Baba’s Pizza and 518 Market all offer halal options.   

Please regularly check the dining hours of operation, as hours and venue options are subject to change. 

Additional dining updates are available on the University Auxiliary Services (UAS) website's Spring 2021 Information page.

Paying for Retail Dining

Whether you are paying via meal plan, Munch Money, Podium or credit card, the CBORD Mobile ID App can be used for contactless payment at registers. When a physical card must be used, please use the customer-facing card swiper. Cash payment is not available.  

You can add to your campus funds (such as Munch Money, Podium or add-on Discount Dollars) by logging into the UAS portal or by using the CBORD Mobile ID App at any time. 

Use the GET Food app to pre-order food from most campus retail locations. For convenience,  the GET Food app can be accessed via the CBORD Mobile ID App. Pick-up is required. 

Note: Starbucks will require all patrons to order on the GET Food app.

Learn more about the CBORD Mobile ID and GET Food apps.

Distancing Guidelines

General seating inside dining halls and the Campus Center will be limited. Where seating is available, chairs and tables have been arranged to ensure that physical distancing is properly maintained. Furniture should not be moved or rearranged at any time.  

Students are required to wear a mask or face covering while using in-person dining services. A student can be asked to leave the dining area if they refuse to wear a mask when they are not eating. 

Please visit the University Auxiliary Services (UAS) website's Spring 2021 Information page and UAlbany Dining website for more detailed information on dining and other services offered by UAS — such as ID cards, campus funds, banking, bookstore, laundry, MicroFridge, ZipCar and personal property insurance.  


Campus Access

Please visit our Visitors & Events page for additional guidance.

Uptown Campus

Tents have been erected on the east and west sides of the Campus Center and in the Parents Courtyard within the Campus Center. Only current students, faculty and staff may use the tents. Masks and physical distancing are required.

Buildings on the Uptown Campus are largely open, but University Libraries, PE and SEFCU buildings require swipe access. 

The Uptown Campus tunnels are off limits to prevent crowding and to encourage people to stay outdoors in the fresh air. Only those with job duties that require tunnel use are be allowed to use them.

Downtown Campus

All buildings on the Downtown Campus require swipe access.

Health Sciences Campus

The main door of the George Education Center, home to the School of Public Health, requires swipe access with a Health Sciences Campus ID.  

The east entrance door is locked and available only as an exit.

Public Transportation & Parking

CDTA and UAlbany buses continue to be available to transport students and staff between campuses. Bus schedules have been adjusted to reflect the reduced campus population. 

We encourage anyone with a parking management transaction to use the online Parking Services portal

University Libraries

Current students, faculty and staff can physically access our libraries, if needed, during the Spring 2021 semester. (Please check online for the most up-to-date hours of operation.)  

However, we encourage all students, faculty and staff to first contact the library to see whether the services they need can be accessed virtually instead.  

Commuter students can use one of 10 single-occupancy rooms — available on a first come, first served basis — to attend online classes.  

Visit the University Library website to get started.

Student Life 

The University is providing student programs and services, funded by the Campus Life Fee, during the Spring 2021 semester. 

Most programs and services will be offered virtually, with some small in-person programs. Students should follow UAlbanyGO on Instagram for information on upcoming events. 

The Programming Board will offer virtual and in-person entertainment — such as eSports, trivia nights, performers, movies and paint nights — via Zoom and live stream throughout the semester. 

Student Organizations

Student organizations are active. Please visit MyInvolvement for a list of student organizations and events that all students can participate in. 

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) and Fraternity & Sorority Life are available to help student leaders with remote recruitment, budgets and other questions.  

SORC is also available to help remote learners who want to get involved in student organizations and student leaders who want to host virtual and/or simulcast events.


Teams are following all NCAA guidelines and all directives issued by SUNY, Albany County and the State of New York, for practices and training, strengthening and conditioning rooms.

All fall and spring sports will compete in modified seasons this spring. Visit Athletics’ weekly schedule for information on how to watch. Fans are not allowed to attend UAlbany sporting events in person at this time, per New York State guidelines.

Please visit the UAlbany Division of Athletics website for more information. 

Campus Recreation 

Campus Recreation is following the New York State guidelines for gyms, fitness centers and athletic activities. These rules are subject to change as the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve.  

For the latest updates to program availability and facility protocols, please visit the Campus Recreation website

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers are open with the following procedures: 


Appointments are required and must be made in advance. Same-day appointments are not available. Please read these instructions for making a fitness center appointment.   

Appointments can only be made by undergraduate students, faculty, staff and graduate students who have a graduate student Campus Recreation membership.   

Fitness centers open for hour-long appointment sessions, then close for 30 minutes of cleaning. Capacity is limited, with only 25 spots available per appointment block.  

Please only make an appointment if you know you will go.   

What to Bring

Anyone who enters a UAlbany fitness center must have:   

  • an appointment confirmation email  

  • a daily health screening confirmation email — access the Daily Student Health Screening and Daily Employee Heath Screening using these links   

  • an approved mask — meaning a cloth face covering or disposable mask that covers the nose and mouth; gaiters, bandanas and buffs are not allowed, per New York State guidelines   

  • a UAlbany ID card   

These will be no exceptions to this rule.   

Additional Procedures

Patrons and staff must maintain six feet of physical distancing from one another while inside fitness centers. 

Cleaning supplies are available in each fitness center. You must sanitize equipment after you’ve used it. 

Please be respectful of fitness center staff as they enforce these health and safety rules. 

Visit the Campus Recreation website for additional information. 

Open Recreation & Member Services

Outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts are now open for current UAlbany students, faculty and staff to use. Masks must be worn at all times. Physical distancing must be observed when not actively playing.

Indoor open recreation, which includes the use of indoor basketball and racquetball courts, is on pause.  

Equipment check-outs — including basketballs, racquetball equipment and soccer balls — is on pause. 

Locker rooms — including spaces for changing, showering and using the bathroom — are on pause and not available. Locker rentals and access to day-use lockers are also suspended.  

Club & Intramural Sports

Outdoor club and intramural sports will be allowed to expand to include full practices and scrimmages within the team. All participants must be participating in the University’s weekly surveillance testing program and no outside participants or teams are permitted.

Indoor club sports will operate on a case-by-case basis. Club E-Boards will work closely with Campus Recreation to establish appropriate and safe operational plans.  

Intramural sports offerings and information on how to register will be posted on IMLeagues

Group Exercise & Wellness Programs

Group Exercise classes will be held virtually and in-person.  

In-person classes will be held at a reduced capacity, will require a reservation and, whenever possible, may be held outside.  

If a class requires equipment, such as yoga mats, participants will be required to bring their own.   

Wellness programs will be held virtually and transitioned to in-person if allowed by state guidelines. Participants will be required to register in advance to attend in-person wellness programs.  

Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits — Campus Recreation’s outdoor adventure program — is on pause.  

In the meantime, there are many ways to remain active on and off campus while physically distancing — such as the Purple Path and tennis, as well as local hikes and walks.