Awareness and Prevention Presentations

Sexual assault prevention programs are offered in a variety of formats and designed to meet the needs of students at various key points during their tenure at UAlbany. Some programs are designed for freshmen audiences and offered to all female, all male, or mixed gender audiences during the Two Day Summer Orientation. Men REACH volunteers serve as presenters for the all male audiences. Other programs are offered throughout the year, such as large scale presentations with nationally recognized guest presenters or targeted campus programming, such as during Sex Sense Week. All programs are tailored to college students and raise awareness on such topics as: sexual assault, relationship violence, barriers to seeking services, and information about resources that are available on and off campus.

Protocol Training

Some students may approach a trusted faculty or staff member after they’ve been assaulted. In other circumstances, residence assistants, peer educators, or other student first responders may be the first to learn that a student has been sexually assaulted. Protocol training programs are designed to educate faculty as well as professional and student staff on the Sexual Assault Protocol. Training participants can raise questions and concerns relating to the issue of sexual assault and relationship violence. Participants may also receive a brief introduction of how to assist the student community in being more than bystanders in the efforts to help reduce the incidents of sexual assault and to also assist students in reporting a sexual assault.