Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology


In addition to completion of coursework, students are expected to perform ancillary teaching, research, administrative, or professional duties that contribute to their professional development. Frequently, these activities are undertaken in conjunction with an assistantship or fellowship; however, such activities are expected regardless of one's source of funding. Opportunities for the next year's professional development activities are announced early each spring, with assignments typically made by the end of the spring semester.


The program has a limited number of assistantships available each year, all of which include tuition scholarships (See the Carson Carr Diversity Scholar program, for example.). Further, assistantships are offered to advanced students through other University units, such as the Psychological Services Center, Middle Earth, and the Career Development Center. Typically, incoming doctoral students hold research assistantships, supervised by core faculty.

Students who are awarded assistantships must be involved in full-time study. The minimum credits for registration as a full-time student varies depending on the time commitment of the assistantship, and will be specified in the notice of award. Also, students may not hold employment in or outside of the University while holding an assistantship without special permission.

Current program policy has been to attempt to provide financial support for students requesting it for at least the first two years of their doctoral programs. Although historically most students have been fully funded for at least 4 years, we cannot guarantee funding for more than a year at a time. Also, University regulations stipulate that funding from state sources is limited to four years for those students without prior graduate degrees in a related field. In the event that funding allocations fall below the number of student requests, the following order of priorities is typically used: second year students, first year students, third year students, and all others.