Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Advanced Standing

Students who complete graduate coursework at another institution are permitted to apply up to 30 credits toward the PhD degree requirements. This can be accomplished by receiving Advanced Standing, Course Waiver, or both. In Advanced Standing, credits taken at another university are "transferred" to the student's record at UAlbany. In the case of a Course Waiver, a particular course in the UAlbany Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program curriculum is waived, although the total credit requirement remains. Applications are subject to the following regulations:

(1) Advanced standing and/or waiver will be granted only for previous coursework in which a grade of "B" or better was obtained.

(2) No advanced standing will be granted for courses taken at the undergraduate level or for graduate courses taken prior the award of the undergraduate degree; however, in some instances, undergraduate preparation is sufficient to warrant a waiver of a required course.

(3) All applications for advanced standing and/or waiver in Areas C (statistics and research design) and D (core psychology coursework) will be considered only when based upon evidence that the psychology coursework was taught at the graduate level (based on prefix or title of course) and was offered through a Department of Psychology, a Department of Educational Psychology, or a Department of Counseling Psychology.

There are two categories of review for applications for Advanced Standing. The courses falling under each, and the procedures for each, are detailed as follows:

Category I Review
*Courses in Area A (professional core) numbered below 701
*Courses in Area B (pre-practicum and practicum) numbered below 701
*All courses in Area C (statistics and research design)
*All courses in Area D (core psychology coursework)
Applications in this category should be submitted for approval to both the faculty advisor and the Director of Training. Full faculty approval is not required; however, appeals may be directed to the full faculty.

Category II Review
*Courses in Area A (professional core) numbered 701 or above
*Courses in Area B (pre-practicum and practicum) numbered 701 or above
Applications in this category are typically advanced only by those students whose prior graduate preparation closely resembles that of a student in an APA-accredited doctoral program in counseling psychology. Category II applications should be prepared in the same manner as Category I, with particular attention given to specifying course content, readings, papers, examinations, and instructor qualifications. Two copies of Category II applications should be submitted to the Director of Training, who reviews the application and make recommendations to the doctoral faculty about final decision.