Diversity Conference 2006

Annual Diversity Conference
March 30 - March 31, 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

9:00- 9:30 Complimentary Light Breakfast
Standish Room, Science Library

9:30-11:00: Keynote Speakers

Dr. David Blustein, PhD.

"The Psychology of Working: Creating a Diverse Perspective for the Study of Work in the 21st Century"
Standish Room, Science Library

11:15-1:00pm BaFa BaFa: A Cross-Cultural Simulation Game
Standish Room, Science Library

1:00-2:15pm Complimentary Light Lunch
Education Building 335

2:15-3:30 Round table discussion among students and faculty
Standish Room, Science Library

"What are the current multicultural training issues in Counseling Psychology?"

3:45-5:15 Workshop
Standish Room, Science Library

presented by UAlbany alum
Mike McCann, Ph.D.

"The social stigma of mental illness"

Thursday evening at 7pm a potluck will be held at the home of Laura Deihl and Kirsten Corbett. 

Friday, March 31, 2006

9-9:30 Complimentary Light Breakfast
Standish Room, Science Library

9:30-11:00 Panel Discussion: "Working with low-income clients"
Standish Room, Science Library

Panel members TBA

11:15-12:00 Presentations of multicultural dissertation research
Standish Room, Science Library

by current UAlbany students
Joeleen Cooper and Krista Damann

12:15-1:30 Complimentary Lunch/Closing
Education 335

The Diversity Conference is a student run conference by the doctoral students of the Division of Counseling Psychology. The conference would not be possible without support from the following:

Academic Affairs
Affirmative Action Grant- Office of Affirmative Action
Counseling Center
Dean's Office, School of Education
Division of Counseling Psychology - University at Albany
Graduate Student Organization (GSO) - Your GSO Funds-at-Work
Multicultural Affirmative Action Committee
Nelson A. Rockefeller College of the Public Affairs and Policy
President's Office- University at Albany
University Auxillary Services

We would like to thank and congratulate the members of the Diversity Conference Committee for their invaluable time and effort in helping plan and coordinate the 15th Annual Diversity Conference: Justin Gibson, Janice Harewood, Ingrid Rodríguez, Mike Siembor, Nadia D'Iuso, Rebekah Grome, Li-Ling Lin, Tracey Rocha, Holly Serrao, William Spears, Alanna Zentz. We would like to extend our appreciation to our faculty advisor Myrna Friedlander, and Conference Coordinators, Christy Duffy-Paiement and Veronica Stotts. Special thanks to Kristen Corbett and Laura Deihl for their generosity in opening their homes to us. Finally, a special thank you to all the presenters who shared their time and expertise in this event.