About STEP UP! UAlbany

STEP UP! UAlbany is a bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others when faced with problematic, risky, and concerning situations.

[+] What do you mean by “risky” situations?

In the training we discuss real-life situations/scenarios. Our goal is to generate open, honest and non-judgmental discussions about the material presented. This training is not meant to cover all possible scenarios or variables, nor is it meant to train you as a counselor.

It is our hope that by promoting the importance of “stepping up” and being an active bystander on campus, that we may begin to change campus culture surrounding the issues of violence, risky behaviors, mental health concerns, and related issues by learning strategies and techniques to intervene in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

The STEP UP! UAlbany training program has already been utilized by the Middle Earth Peer Assistance program, Project SHAPE, and other student organizations on campus. The University Counseling Center understands that every student group is unique and will develop your STEP UP! UAlbany training program especially for your group. Contact Dr. Heidi Wright at the University Counseling Center, if you would like to schedule a training for your class or student group.

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