Brian M. Freidenberg, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Addictive Behaviors Specialist


PhD (Clinical Psychology) & MSW, University at Albany

Professional Interests

Dr. Freidenberg’s professional interests include addictive behaviors as well as stress and health. He serves as chair for the Capital District Regional College Consortium on Alcohol and Other Drugs and he teaches graduate-level courses on cognitive-behavioral therapy, chemical dependency, depression, and anxiety.

Approach to Therapy

Dr. Freidenberg’s theoretical approach is a combination of several theories including systems, social learning, and conflict. Perspective influences are strengths and feminist. His practice model is a combination of problem solving, task-centered, and solution focused. Developmental influences stem from the work of Piaget and Kohlberg.

Approach to Wellness

Dr. Freidenberg exercises daily and eats healthy. He finds humor to be good for the soul. He enjoys reading, film, art, travel, music, and spending time with his friends and family. He is a proud supporter of the Buffalo Bills!