The 6TH Chinese Teacher Leadership School

Chinese Course Design and Classroom Management

Teacher Training
Presenter (Morning Session): Yongping Zhu, Ph.D; (Afternoon Session): Qiang Chen, MA
May 4th, 2019, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: Massry Center for Business-BB 010, UAlbany Uptown Campus
*$20 Registration Fee, $15 Group Rate
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Program Schedule
8:30-9:00 am Check in and Breakfast
9:00-9:10 am Welcome remarks and introduction by Director
Youqin Huang
9:10-10:30 am Mr. Yongping
Zhu:,Move Mountain or Move Home – Chinese
Idiomatic Expressions and Chinese Culture and Contemporary China 搬家还是移山-俗语及成语故事与中国文化和当代社会
10:30-10:40 am Coffee break
10:40 am-12:00 pm Mr. Yongping Zhu:,Principle and Methodology: How to Conduct a
Successful Chinese Class 原则与方法:如何教授一堂成功的汉语课
12:00-12:50 pm Group picture, followed with lunch
12:50-1:50 pm Mr. Qiang Chen: Student Centered Thematic unit
1:50-2:00 pm Coffee break
2:00-3:10 pm Mr. Qiang Chen: Classroom Management 课堂管理
3:10-3:40 pm Mr. Qiang Chen: Short introduction of AP Chinese
course and Test AP 中文课程及考试
3:40-4:00 pm Closing remarks, Evaluation & Certification

Morning Session

Yongping Zhu, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Notre Dame.

1. 搬家还是移山-俗语及成语故事与中国文化和当代社会


Move Mountain or Move Home – Chinese Idiomatic Expressions and Chinese Culture and Contemporary China

This lecture attempts to lead audience to explore Chinese culture and people’s thoughts from a linguistic and historical perspective by surveying some idiomatic expressions and the Chinese agricultural origin. Through the discussions, we will see that the characteristics of agriculture in history influence Chinese culture, politics and people’s behaviors in many ways. Students who study Chinese as a second language will know not only Chinese culture and society and also the usages of some idiomatic expressions in the real situations from this lecture.

2. 原则与方法:如何教授一堂成功的汉语课


Principle and Methodology: How to Conduct a Successful Chinese Class

This hands-on lecture will introduce a practical teaching approach to promote effective and fun-filled classroom activities including pattern drills, vocabulary exercises, etc., for a successful Chinese class at the beginning level. Participants will learn how to design and implement a teaching plan in class that is theoretically sound and practically effective.

Afternoon Session

Qiang Chen, MA
National Board-certified language teacher and a Chinese instructor at Enloe Magnet High School, Raleigh, North Carolina

3. 以学生为中心,主体单元中文课的设计及教法 - Student Centered Thematic unit

4. 课堂管理 - Classroom Management

5. AP 中文课程及考试 - Short introduction of AP Chinese Course and Test(30mins)

本讲座的主题是“以学 生为中心主题单元课的设计”,主讲人陈老师结合AP考试与大家分享在美国 20多年教授外语的成功之路。为了在美国公立学校成为一名合格成功的汉语老师,我们要了解东西方文化差异、美国学校的管理制度、教学环境,以及学生学习气氛与习惯。我们更需要学习有关课堂管理的方法,如何处理学生 与家长之间的关系,乃至于同事、社区的合作,以及在学生学习外语的认知 阶段怎样调动和保持学生学习中文的积极性。陈老师希望能帮助中文老师们 享受在美国公立学校的教学过程并取得圆满成功。

In order to become successful and qualified language teachers, we need to know cultural differences and American school climate. We also need to learn about classroom management, communication with students as well as parents, and effective teaching strategies based on students’ diverse learning styles and backgrounds. With his over 20 years of teaching experience in American schools, Mr. Chen would like to share some experience and strategies of classroom management, designing effective teaching plans to maximize the students’ learning outcomes and creating meaningful and engaging activities that can best carry out lesson objectives and meet our students’ needs. Mr. Chen hopes that his presentation can help those new teachers from China enjoy teaching and become successful in the path of Chinese teaching in American public schools.

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