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Taiji & Martial Arts 太极和功夫

Coach: Master. Lucas Geller
Venue: Studio West, Campus Center Expansion (near Starbucks)
Date: Jan. 30 – Apr. 23, except Mar. 19 (12 Weeks)
Time: Thursday, 12-1PM
Cost: Free

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Tai Chi (Taiji) is a time-tested art which gently exercises the body and the mind. It can be used for health, longevity, mental freshness, and spiritual development. Taiji aims at well-being, including the attainment of grace and balance, the promotion of physical and emotional health, and the development of energy flow. The movements of the more popular forms of Taiji are slow-paced, non-impact and not strenuous.

The practice of Taiji does not tax or deplete the body’s energy level; rather it creates strength and increases one’s vital life force and concentration.


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